State secretary visits the Lernfabrik Adlershof

On the 26th of June, state secretary Dirk Wiese visited the Lernfabrik Adlershof to learn more about the competence development centre Mittelstand 4.0. InSystems was present at the event.

Mittelstand 4.0: Digitalisation for SMEs

In times of digitalisation and Industry 4.0, many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are faced with new challenges. Processes are to be made more efficient, information must be shared faster, and data evaluation has to be more effective than ever before. Because of that, the competence centre Mittelstand 4.0 offers a range of schooling programmes to help SMEs prevail in the modern market and industry, train employees and integrate new systems.

The Lernfabrik keeps getting in touch with InSystems to inspire students and make them develop an interest in technological professions. Because of this relationship, InSystems representatives were present at the event and brought a trash robot with them for demonstration purposes. This kind of robot is an example of advanced software and technology that is part of Industry 4.0. It was developed and built by InSystems in Adlershof.

The educational programmes’ importance and the manner of teaching involved at the competence centre and the Lernfabrik were presented to the state secretary. During a debate on measures SMEs may take to enhance their involvement in the ever-growing context of digitalisation, several SME representatives emphasized the competence centre’s importance in the process of tackling the hurdles that come with the inevitable changes in the working environment as well as the aid the centre provides to help SMEs remain competitive. Mr. Wiese’s eventual evaluation oft what he had seen was very positive.