Summer celebration in „Hanff’s Ruh“

InSystems Automation’s annual summer celebration took place in the woodland restaurant “Hanff’s Ruh”. This restaurant is situated in Grünau, only a few meters away from the historical boat race course where the rowing Olympics took place in 1936. 

Getting to the summer celebration by bike

Quite “Olympic” were things before the official start of the celebration for InSystems’ staff. Many took off by bike on Friday noon, as is tradition, and travelled 40km from InSystems’ office in the Rudower Chaussee 29 in Berlin Adlershof all around the airport Schönefeld to the woodland restaurant, taking two short breaks on their way. The first few arrived at 4pm – right on time.

The summer celebration has been a fixed part of the organisation’s yearly schedule since 2012, as is the bike trip undertaken together beforehand. Usually shortly before summer vacations start, InSystems invites its staff to a relaxed trip. Susanne Dannat: “This year’s choice to make Hanff’s Ruh our destination happened relatively quickly. It was one of our break points on our trip last year, and its nice beer garden convinced us to come again.”

Nice was also the place’s canopy, which turned out to be very much warranted due to the changing weather. While the bike tour yet took place in the sun, the evening brought rain – but that didn’t change the fun everyone had.

A great trip to the green belt

“The summer celebration is an opportunity for us as managing directors to thank our teams for all their commitment and effort.”, notes Torsten Gast. “We have achieved much we can be proud of during the past few months.” More than 40 employees came to celebrate, along with their spouses and children. Where next year’s celebration will take place has not been decided yet, just one thing is clear: many will go there by bike.

Popular restaurant destination with a long history

“Hanff’s Ruh” looks back onlong years of history and tradition. Ferdinand Hanff (1833 – 1917), a pensioned railway official, bought the property near the Landstraße to Schmöckwitz. Today, that street is merely a broad forest trail. Together with his wife Ernestine, his four daughters and his two sons, Ferdinand initially just used the place as a “Tante-Emma-Laden” (small shop selling all kinds of goods). Catering for travellers only became his business over time.

Link to “Hanff’s Ruh”