Software for Assembly and Logistic with proANT Transport Robots

From now on, proANT transport robots are available with IPO.Log software for assembly and logistics in a 3D model. The software allows reproducing complex assembly and intralogistics processes. Customers can plan exactly on the screen, which place in their factory is suitable for the use of a transport robot, which routes the vehicles should follow and how many material transports are necessary. IPO.Log also delivers a planning and a visual support, which displays the effects and the potentials of the logistics planning in a company.   

Planning software for assembly and logistics with virtual proANT models

A thoughtful planning in a factory ist very important in order for all processes to run smoothly. A good strategy includes many complex factors like the components of the building planning, manufacturing plant planning, layout planning, logistics planning and warehouse planning. With the planning software IPO.Log by IPO.Plan GmbH it is possible to test the production, assembly or logistics processes in the real environment before realization. The software uses a big amount of informations like CAD data, work and logistics processes, material lists, manufacturing and product data and allows the creation of a virtual factory.  

As of now, the software can also plan virtual operations with proANT transport robots. As a result, customers can get an overview at an early stage, how their material flow can be realized in their specific manufacturing environment with autonomous navigating vehicles. They can select between for proANT vehicle types, which are suitable for different requirements and tasks.

Furthermore, they have the possibility to simulate and evaluate the economic impact of logistic planning on the basis of parameters like speed, type of drive, but also acquisition and operating costs.  The software is therefore also useful for customers, who plan to update their material flow concept. It is a powerful tool to visualize the theoretical concepts of a project. However, IPO.Log does not replace an expert consulting for the integration of proANT transport robots in a specific factory. Loads, transfer heights and the given conveyor technology are never the same, sometimes not even within the same company, and require therefore an individual robot customization. The communication between the vehicles and the manufacturing machines and between the fleet manager and the existing production control needs tailor-made solutions. For this reason, a project with AGVs begins usually with the creation of the technical specifications, where the manufacturer provides all system requirements.

Visualization at the touch of a button

Matthias Kellermann, CEO of IPO.Plan, summarizes the benefits of his software as follows: „Raising complexity and increasing differentiation in the production make the manual planning of assembly and logistics more and more difficult. With the planning software IPO.Log, all processes can be planned, visualized and if necessary customized by pushing a button within a tool.” The company IPO.Plan was founded 2009 after the merging of three companies. Its main goal is to allow its customer an efficient safety in the factory and manufacturing planning.

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