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proANT Transport Robots

Showroom Industrie 4.0Showroom Industrie 4.0 Eröffnung

On June 1st 2016, ASTI Mobile Robotics (formerly InSystems Automation) opened a showroom Industry 4.0 at  Rudower Chaussee 9, 12489 Berlin-Adlershof. If you visit us, you can see the autonomous navigating proANT transport robots in action.

We want to show the driving behavior of the transport robots, especially their impact with persons and obstacles and the automatic load transfer. The transport robots navigate autonomously, without ground contact or wall reflectors, and compute their path on their own.

In our showroom, we also test the proANTs vehicles before delivering them.

Pick-to-light Assembly Workplace

We show you a manual assembly workplace, which uses a Pick-2-light assembly control system developed by InSystems . On this workplace, the operator is led through the assembly procedure of a construction module by light signals and assembly indications on a screen. Pick-to-light assembly control systems raise the process safety, decrease the operation time and the costs of manual work.

Visit in Showroom Industry 4.0

Companies, students and school classes can apply for a guided tour in our showroom. We inform you about our products and technologies and are happy about your visit. Please send your request to

If Berlin Adlershof is too far to visit us. you can get an idea of our technology in our livestream. A camera sends pictures from the showroom and monitors all the activities.

Livestream from Showroom Industry 4.0

Not all showroom vehicles are always available in the showroom, as we also rent the demonstration vehicles out to interested parties for testing purposes or show them at international trade fairs.


Hereinafter you can see a short presentation, which is shown at the shop window of our showroom.

You find more films on our Youtube channel or on the product website or