Science Slam with a side of robots

On the 2nd of March 2017 at the 12th Science Slam Adlershof, InSystems participated for the first time with the motto “Battle den Horst”. We explained to the audience how to transport a heavy barrel from point A to point B without actually touching it, and took one of our transport robots with us for demonstration purposes. The robot could then be seen driving around the stage and the Bunsen hall. 

Exciting lectures at the 12th Science Slam

Six slammers presented interesting topics about history, medicine, physics and rhetoric in the most fun and entertaining way they could in front of 450 guests. InSystems’ team decided to take their spectators along for a figurative trip to our site in Berlin Adlershof to gain insight about our work. The example chosen to illustrate this was our work for the Bierbaum organisation, which is Germany’s largest bed manufacturer and currently uses four of InSystems’ autonomously navigating proANT transport robots. 

Barrel weighing 100kg

The question we asked was: How does one move a heavy, open barrel full of paint from point A to point B without conjuring up a large amount of manpower? Lennart Held, InSystems’ representative on the stage, said: “In order to move this thing without getting your hands dirty, we developed a robot-solution.” These vehicles move autonomously, using laser scanners to notice and navigate around obstacles and people. The robots act somewhat similarly to a group of taxis, which receive their tasks from a central control unit and can take over another’s task if they get stuck somewhere or a system fails.

The evening’s winners were the slammers Elisabeth Ruffert and Heiko Tzschätzsch. InSystems offered drinks when the whole event came to its end, which were brought to the stage by the robot. Anyone who was unable to visit the Science Slam and would like to see the robots in action for themselves is invited to come visit us in our Showroom Industry 4.0 in the Rudower Chaussee 9.

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