Robot fever in the Roobot Academy

The students of the Roobot Academy association from Berlin-Zehlendorf asked many smart questions about anything surrounding the use of robots during their visit on the 21st of July 2017. When everyone will have their own personal robot at home, whose fault it is if an autonomously driving car gets into an accident and when robots can be used in nursing services are only a few examples.

Roobot Academy encourages children to learn and wonder

The Roobot Academy views itself as an association that educates children about robots, which have become an integral part of modern society. The tasks fulfilled by robots are beyond counting: they mow our lawns, clean our floors or transport our goods – as InSystems Automation’s transport robots do, carrying loads weighing anything between 30kg to 1000kg.

Roobot Academy founder Oliver Reinsch explains his motivation like this: “We want to encourage children to ask questions, seek answers and never forget their wonder when learning new things. When a robot they built by themselves receives its first programming and carries out its first tasks, they see for themselves how projects can come to a kind of life.” The association’s initiative is more than welcome during times in which general interest in mathematics, physics and computer sciences shrinks. Reinsch further says: “Seeing the excitement about a machine’s first successful movements, the feeling of success when the robot fulfils its tasks and the pride of having won a contest with their own creations in our members is what motivates everything we do.”

Engineers, programmers and robot designers of tomorrow

In a way, this association creates tomorrow’s engineers, programmers and robot designers. This explains the childrens’ general curiosity and interest regarding the robots they got to see, as they usually encounter those only in smaller scales during their workshops. InSystems’ managing director Torsten Gast emphasizes: “The children’s engagement is wonderful to see and we wanted to show them how useful their knowledge may be later on.” InSystems’ team demonstrated several robot models, such as the autonomous transport robot system 436, which is used for the transportation of smaller loads weighing up to 50kg.

The Roobot Academy offers holiday courses, workshops in schools and advice for robot education for children. New members are always welcome.


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