Robots in action showcased

Henry Stubert, managing director of InSystems Automation, gives details about the proANT-technology and “robots in action showcased” in an interview with the newspaper Berliner Woche. The interview was conducted by journalist and local reporter Ralf Dreschner.

Robots in Adlershof

Stubert explains how InSystems was founded by him and Torsten Gast 15 years ago. In 2001, the enterprise was turned into a GmbH. InSystems initially specialised in certain SPS-programming and services, in which Gast and Stubert had vast experience. InSystems’ further specialisations in high-level language programming, visualisation of machine data and and flows of material as well as system integration of image processing systems, RFID-technology and also planning of electrical projects, building control cabinets and setting up machines and equipment were added later on.

Future of robotics in Berlin Adlershof

Over the course of the past few years, automation technology has undergone a lot of development. Data collection and analysis systems improve means of quality assurance, flow of material control, optimisation and crosslinking of production plants. Since 2012, InSystems creates autonomously navigating transport robots in Berlin Adlershof. Stubert: “In-plant transport tasks are non-profitable working steps to take in an organisation, no profit is generated by carrying them out. Say one of our robots costs 25000€ – in comparison, a worker using a pallet transporter costs at least 30000€ each year.”

Robot deployment

The proANT transport robots are used in all kinds of businesses. Examples are them transporting screen printing ink in a printing plant for bed linen or moving around furniture parts in a factory as well as transporting identification cards in high-security areas for the producer.

Business with tradition and a broad range of services

The showroom is open to visitors during the week. Anyone interested is welcome to register for a tour. We are always happy to inform about our products and technologies.

The Berliner Woche’s article is accessible in full length here: full article


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