proANT Transport Robots

Autonomous transport robots for intelligent material flow concepts

InSystems developed the proANT system, which allows the design of individually tailored AGVs for loads from von 30 to 1.000 kg.

Autonome Transportroboter für intelligente Materialflusskonzepte


Navigation and fleet management of the proANT transport robots

The transport robots navigate automatically thanks to a laser scanner, without ground loops or wall reflectors, and react to changes in their work environment. The AGVs are safe, drive around obstacles and avoid collisions with persons by going for alternative routes. Every AGV calculates the optimal path to its destination on its own with the help of a stored environment map.

The transport robots organize all transport tasks for an automatic, internal material flow as an independent vehicle fleet. The AGVs communicate among each other via WLAN and avoid crossing each other’s path; therefore there are neither jams nor obstructions. A fleet manager supervises the battery status of the AGVs and sends them to the charging station if necessary. Thanks to modern battery technology, the charging time is only a few minutes.

Customer needs and requests

ProANT transport robots and their material flow concept require only very little space and have a lot of advantages compared to traditional conveyor technology. The integration in existing manufacturing plants, which are not designed for automated material supply, is one of the biggest challenges. Not only are loads and transfer heights different, but the communication between vehicles and machines and fleet and production controller must also be integrated. InSystems delivers proANT transport systems from one source to ensure that solutions to all of these issues are found and provided smoothly and efficiently.

You can find more information about our proANT AGVs on our proANT website

Link zur proANT Website