Pick-to-Light (P2L)

P2L sensors by InSystems

InSystems Automation has developed two Pick-to-Light (P2L) sensors, which offer many advantages for picking processes due to their small shape and convenient technology. With the InSystems P2L sensors, flat levels in the material racks with short and ergonomic picking distances are made possible and easy to install. The sensors are teachable and can thus easily adapt to different container shapes and filling heights.

The P2L sensors are equipped with an automatic teaching function and adapt to container dimensions and filling heights. The teaching function is an important factor for the sensor’s ability to recognize and trigger responses only to picking hands reaching into the containers and ignore the items in the containers even if their positions change.

There are two sensor designs: digital and with CAN Bus. Both models are also available in an ESD Version.

How Pick-to-Light works

Materialbereistellung mit Pick-to-light

P2L-Sensors are installed in a assembly or commissioning process in order to show workers which piece of the work-in-progress assembly they need to pick from a supply container next. They are equipped with a sensor that is able to determine whether one has reached into the correct or the wrong container.

A green LED shows where the next part of the assembly needs to be picked from, while a red LED lights up as a signal that a wrong pick has taken place. There is no need for creating a separate receipt after materials were taken as the P2L-sensor acknowledges and saves the pick automatically.




It is then up to the customer to determine via simple programming how the P2L-System responds to wrong picks. Examples of responses can be:

  • An error sound
  • Creating a receipt with or without extra information (such as serial number or the person in charge)
  • Removal of the current assembly set from current processes for corrections/quality control

Available models

Model Digital CAN Bus
Standard P2L D003 P2L C003

We recommend the use of P2L CAN Bus in case there is a large assembly system requiring a large amount of sensors, as their wiring is much easier to install. Unlike with the digital version, the P2L CAN Bus-sensors can simply be connected in a row and just need to be linked to an SPS.

Furthermore, the P2L C003-sensor LEDs can be activated variably depending on individual requirements.

Setting options

The LED’s brightness and pick-time can be adjusted in both models.

Depending on work environment and the P2L system’s placement, LEDs may be perceived as too bright and may need to be dimmed accordingly.

If the picking items are very small or tangle easily, workers may sometimes need more time reaching into the item containers or may have to reach in several times. In this case, the pick-time needs to be adjusted so that the first pick does not immediately trigger the process’ next step and thus causes an error through the continued pick in the current container.

There are therefore 4 brightness options and pick-times can be set to anywhere between 500 and 8000ms.

Software CANductor

With InSystems Automation’s Pick-to-Light-software CANductor, assembly coordination systems can be installed and used easily and without need for any programming knowledge. After a product assembly is selected, the software activates the Pick-2-Light-sensors in order and acts as surveillance for the assembly or commissioning process. There is no limit to the amount of assembly- or commissioning processes (material bills, picking orders, instructions) that can be created and managed. Using our Pick-2-Light-software CANductor, our P2L-sensors (CAN Bus) and our CAN Bus-USB-adapter you receive a complete, intelligent assembly guidance system.

Our software CANductor’s license is available both for single and unlimited working stations. It can be tested for free for a month in its Trial-version.

Further information can be found on our Pick-to-Light-Website under Software.

Advantages of our P2L-sensors

  • Small size and short reaching distance of 100mm
  • No need for a confirmation button
  • Automatic adjustment to container shape and material filling height
  • Different models, also available in ESD
  • Further control options in CAN Bus-models for specific processes, e.g. activation of several sensors at once
  • Setting options for LED brightness and pick-time

Advantages of Pick-2-Light (P2L) assembly systems

Process reliability

  • Manual assemblies are guided and controlled step by step
  • Errors caused by shifts in the working process due to different assembly variants are eliminated
  • All steps and parameters of all processes can be stored in a data base so reclamations can be traced back

Economic viability

  • Processing times are shortened so that manual montages can remain competitive
  • Paperless montages save paper and leaves the workers’ hands free
  • New employees learn to use the system quickly and easily

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