Acceleration and Position Sensor for Industrial Use

IMU – Industrial-suited Acceleration and Position Sensor

The IMU Inertial Measurement Unit developed by InSystems Automation GmbH, we call it also simply  “GyroSensor”, is an accelerometer and position sensor designed for industrial use. Several inertial sensors are fitted into a solid casing: a temperature sensor, a compass sensor, a gyroscope and an acceleration sensor. The IMU sensor detects the smallest accelerations, rotations and position changes and provides a reliable solution for all technical areas, where precise environmental informations are required. Its compact design is characterized by a high stability and a high mechanical shock resistance and at the same time by a low weight. The IMU GyroSensor can be easily implemented into existing automation technologies.

Functions and use case of  IMU “GyroSensor”

IMUs consist of measurement units, which detect the position and the movement of an object in a room. Inertial Measurement Units are made of gyroscopes and acceleration sensors. They measure constantly the movement direction and the velocity of the unit. Combined with the elapsed time since the last positioning, the data can be used for navigation purposes. This principle is referred to as inertial navigation.

IMUs are used nowadays in many industrial sectors and in the consumer sector. They are also common in the aerospace and naval industry, in robotic applications, to stabilize platforms, for motion tracking and for general motion detection (i.e. in smartphones).

We use the IMU GyroSensor in our autonomously navigating  proANT transport robots as an essential part of the navigation technology. The inertial data are evaluated together with the laser scanner and odometry data from the engine for an exact localization of the vehicles. The precise and continuous monitoring of the driverless transport system in its environment contributes essentially to the safety and reliability of the whole system.

Benefits of the industrial-suited IMU by InSystems Automation in overview

  • Reacts to the smallest accelerations, rotation movements and position changes
  • Gyroscope, acceleration sensor, temperature sensor and compass sensor in one single case
  • Simple and easy integration in existing automation technologies
  • High stability
  • Mechanical shock resistance
  • Compact design
  • Low weight

Technical data

IMU Datenblatt

IMU technical data and communication protocol in PDF format

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