Migration S5 S7

Even a long established technology is sooner or later outdated.

After almost 30 years of successful PLC history , Siemens discontinued the Simatic S5 series and takes it out of the product range, starting in October 2003. The components are only available as replacement parts, and even that will get more and more difficult.

The support will also stop soon. For the machines and systems running with a Simatic S5, a migration to S7 will be mandatory. Not only machine down times and lack of spare parts suggest are an indication for a modernization, but also the various possibilities of S7 control.

The most important Reasons for a  Migration from S5 to S7

  • Great machine downtime risks because of
    • Problem with replacement parts (prices, period of delivery, availability)
    • Lack of support
  • Rising maintenance costs
  • New safety requests, i.e. emergency stops
  • Machine extention
  • MES-systems connection
  • Quick reaction time for qualitative change
  • Rising of the manufacturing capacity

A Transition from S5 to S7

requires software and hardware solutions, which can be integrated step by step.

InSystems as an experienced automation specialist and certified Siemens Solution Provider updates your machine and systems even with tight deadlines with a decommissioning plan.

In order to avoid production breakdowns and downtimes, we operate both control systems S5 and S7 simultaneously, until the we made sure that the new control system provides all functionalities and the optimal performance.


Special InSystem support: We have a distribution system of used S5-assemblies and can buy them. This sinks your migration costs!

Partial Migration

  • Replacement (HMI or control system)
  • Partial or total replacement of specifical assemblies
  • Use of adapters

System Upgrade

  • Update with modern technologies like HMI, I/Os , networks and communication devices

Full Migration