Automation Technology

Special Machines for Manufacturing, Material Flow and Quality Control

InSystems Automation develops customized automation technology, complex material flow controllers and special machines for production, material flow and quality control. We specialize in innovative technical solutions for challenging tasks.

Our range of services include the creation of specification requirements, electrical project management, installation and programming, commissioning , maintenance and service. Thanks to this wide range, our customers are able to keep us as an experienced partner from the design stage right until the final completion of machines and manufacturing plants.

Range of Services

  • PLC programming of manufacturing control systems and robots (Siemens, Beckhoff, Allen Bradley and more)
  •  High-level language programming for specific tasks and databases, visualizing and integration in existing manufacturing systems
  • Pick-to-Light assembly systems for error-free assembly procedures
  • Electrical project management and installation of machines and plants for material flow and logistic
  • Commissioning and service of automated manufacturing plants, conveyor technology and storage systems
  • Migration of plants from Siemens S5 to S7 PLC
  • System integration of RFID technology
  • Automation products in our Online-Shop

Scope InSystems Automation

Specification Sheet and Prototypes

We create an individually tailored offer for each customer considering the customer’s production environment and already existing operators. After we have clearly outlined our task, we design a specific idea, often developing new prototypes to ensure that the best solution is found.

Depending on the level of innovation required for the prototype, several working cycles, different approaches and therefore different time spans are required. As a first step, we always discuss project viability, analyze environmental conditions and calculate necessary capacities for optimal system efficiency. These steps are included in the specification requirements. All features and needed technical equipment are specified in the first offer. The goal of this detailed analysis is to eliminate as many risks as possible.

Our customers are involved in our prototype development right from the beginning and are always welcome to contribute ideas and suggestions for an improved result. This ensures that all requirements are met as well as possible, but it does also mean that, depending on the development process and customer ideas, new requests can to come up during the design process, so we always suggest the creation of a preliminary specification sheet for larger projects. With this method, even as the special machines may go through changes during the several development steps from the initial task until the project completion, all customer requirements are clearly defined and sure to be met.