Online-Shop for 5 years

The InSystems online shop celebrates its fifth birthday! With a selection of over 3.000 components and spare pieces, the shop is well equipped. It supplies companies, representatives from universities and schools, and individual customers.

“We sell components of the most common producer of control technology, which we also use in our projects. There is almost nothing that can’t be ordered here”, says Max. He works in the online shop since 2013 and is responsible for sales, restocking and order processing. He is a true Berliner and would have become an English and  Math teacher if someone hadn’t handed him an InSystems flyer during an educational trade show in Berlin. This event changed his working life.

Job in the industry instead of the classroom

He went for an apprenticeship as an industrial salesman, which he finished after only two and a half years. He never regretted the decision to work in the industry. He enjoys the different challenges he faces every day and the freedom he has as a member of the online shop team. “All interaction with my co-workers is really friendly. I have fun working here”, he says. 

Advantages for customers of the online shop

The online shop offers its customers many advantages. There is neither a minimum order value, nor a low-quantity surcharge.  The products are dispatched worldwide, but can be also picked up at  Kekulestraße 7 in Berlin upon request. Our customers benefit from our experienced Solution Partners  SIEMENS und WAGO. InSystems  stands out for cutting-edge expertise.

High hopes for the next five years

During the next five years, the online shop team will keep providing advice for all customers and and delivering high-quality items. The online shop is open from Monday to Friday from 08:00 til 16:30.

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