New Pick-2-Light software (GUI) for assembly guiding system

InSystems now offers a new Pick-2-Light software (GUI) for assembly guiding systems at Pick-2-Light working stations with P2L sensors (CAN Bus) to interested customers. This software allows easy, user-friendly installation and control, without any experience in programming needed. The software is offered as a download by InSystems and can be tested for free for 30 days.

Test Pick-to-Light software for free for 30 days

After choosing the product, the software will guide the Pick-2-Light sensors to show the right picking order as well as control assembly and commissioning. Any number of assembly recipes or commissioning orders (object lists, sequences, work orders) can be created and managed. With the Pick-2-Light software, the P2L sensors (CAN Bus) and a CAN Bus-USB adapter, customers receive a complete, intelligent assembly guiding system which is well-suited for manual assembly processes, especially for those with assembly works involving many variants and small lot sizes (up to 1 piece).

List of Pick-2-Light software features

  • Software for a Pick-to-Light working space (single license)
  • Connection of up to 127 Pick-to-Light sensors
  • Quick implementation without programming
  • Including testing tool for controlling communication between sensors and PC
  • Saving an unlimited number of assembly recipes
    • Variability of picking variant (pickOnce and pickMultiple)
    • Visualization of working steps with photos and videos
    • Configuration of pick-time and LED brightness
  • Choosing the product and product amount
    • Surveillance of assembly steps
    • High process security and shorter assembly time
  • Configuration
    • The language for the user interface can be configurated freely via XML file (currently available: German and English)
    • View in full-screen or window mode
    • Header of main display (e.g. name of assembly case)
    • Adding in a personalized picture or logo
    • Background and text color

This software is available via the product page You will receive further information about system requirements and installation. This is also where you will find an instruction document and a video to show the most important features.

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