Berlin-newcomer Hanene

Hanene Sayadi talked about her beginnings as a new „Berliner“ in the city in an interview with the platform “Talent-berlin”.

Beginning as a new Berliner

The whole interview follows here:

Where do you work?

I’ve been working as a software programmer at InSystems Automation GmbH in Berlin-Adlershof since May 2015. My job entails, among other things, the development and implementation of software used for our transport system proANT. We are a small, but international team. Some of my co-workers come from places like Lebanon and India. I like how honest we are among each other and always seek to find solutions for anything. I can even spend whole days at a time working on a feature without getting disturbed if I need to, and then discuss my approaches to a problem with my boss, the respective product manager or my team members.

Why did you decide to come to Berlin?

I had taken part in a German-Tunisian mobility project that was organised by the Gemeinschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ, association for international cooperation). After an intensive German language course, I looked for an interesting intership opportunity and applied in Berlin-Adlershof. I wanted to try something new after I had already worked In France and Tunisia for organisations like AIRBUS as a software programmer. When I received InSystems’ message of acceptance, I was more than happy and could settle in Berlin. By now, I feel at home here. Berlin has really grown on me.

Who or what helped you adjust when you first arrived?

I received support in several ways. For one, I had a very nice tutor from the GIZ, who provided me with all the important information as well as many tips to get started and settle in. Then there was also my family in Hamburg, who helped me find a place for flat share. Even my co-workers helped, answering all kinds of questions regarding insurance and doctor’s appointments.

What do you like about Berlin?

I like the mentality. Here, everyone can be as crazy, odd or simply different as they want. There’s room for everyone. Berlin is an open, breathing metropolis. What I like most is the colourful liveliness of the Prenzlauer Allee, where I think one can experience Berlin’s diversity best. My favourite place to be, however, is a small, not very attention-catching café in the Helmholtz-neighbourhood. Whenever I want to relax after work with some friends, that’s where we meet.

If you could give another newcomer to Berlin advice, what would it be?

If you move to this capital city, you need patience. The first year is always difficult and has a tendency to never go quite as planned, but in the end, all is usually well. What’s most important is to be open-minded towards others and accept help. There’s a lot of support available from all kinds of associations, and social media platforms too, and there’s always a way to find the information you need. I wish the best of luck to anyone coming to Berlin!

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