Network meeting of the Deutschlandstipendium

In contact with and looking for young talents: As a provider of scholarship funds within the Deutschlandstipendium-programme for STEM-students, InSystems was present at the network meeting of the Deutschlandstipendium. Personnel manager Holger Wedeking emphasized the importance of supporting future STEM-specialists in the panel discussion.

Meeting STEM-students via Deutschlandstipendium

On the 20th of June, the Networking kick-off 2017 of the Deutschlandstipendium for STEM-students at the Beuth-school for technology took place, where InSystems was present. Our organisation offers scholarship funding since last year and thus supports young STEM-talents. “STEM” stands for “science, technology, engineering and mathematics”.

At this meeting, small and medium-sized enterprises from Berlin dealing with technology, construction, media, software and engineering came to meet students from more than 40 STEM-programmes of study. This provided an opportunity to gather information and contacts. In a panel discussion with representatives of the enterprises present, personnel manager Holger Wedeking shared his experiences with student support. Most of all, he emphasized the InSystems’ interest in helping future STEM-specialists develop: “It is important to us to support those who are talented. To invest in these students’ know-how is of immense importance, not only for businesses in Berlin, but in all of Germany.” Afterwards, everyone present was given the opportunity to meet and greet each other freely. This enabled organisation representatives to get to know students better, while students could learn more about several businesses and perhaps even make plans to work with them in the future. InSystems presented itself in the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering section, but students studying Computer Science and Engineering were also more than welcome to come and learn about possible internship opportunities.

The search for talented staff is always on in STEM-enterprises. This is why InSystems supports promising students in their studies and research. Aside from the Deutschlandstipendium, InSystems also offers support via the MINT-Verbund Deutschlandstipendium.

Article of the Beuth-school about the network meeting