Maximilian Rentzsch will be the new HR Manager

For a promotion in your own company you need patience, diligence and the desire for change. Maximilian Rentzsch meets all these criteria. Since the middle of August he is the new HR Manager for ASTI InSystems Germany. He first gained his professional experience in e-commerce. Now he will be the first face that applicants will meet in the company.

Maximilian Rentzsch will be the new HR Manager

The tasks of an HR manager require a feeling for which candidates (internal or external) are particularly well suited for a position and where their weaknesses, strengths and development potential lie. HR stands for Human Resources and means the sector that an HR manager is responsible for and manages. A good HR manager identifies talents, which is easier said than done. To address today’s applicants, a simple job advertisement is no longer enough. Maximilian Rentzsch therefore wants to set new accents, work a lot with social media and cooperate closely with schools and universities.

For him, the job is new territory. He wanted to develop his career and, as they say, was looking for new challenges. His diligence, patience and desire for change have paid off. He knows from his own experience that professional biographies seldom follow a straight line and sometimes take turns that one would not have expected.

Between 3.000 components and spare parts in the online shop

Maximilian Rentzsch gained his first professional experience in the Online Shop of ASTI InSystems. With a large selection of over 3,000 components and spare parts, the store is very well positioned. Since 2013 he has been responsible for purchasing, sales and order processing. After seven years, it was time for him to take on new tasks and move from e-commerce to the human resources department. He himself is a true Berliner and would almost have become a teacher for English and mathematics if he hadn’t received a flyer from ASTI InSystems at an education and apprentice trade fair at Ostbahnhof, which was to change his professional path.

Job in the industry instead of classroom

He decided to train as an industrial clerk, which he completed early after two and a half years. He has never regretted to have chosen the industry since then. He appreciates the fact that he enjoys a lot of freedom within the team and that he has variety every day. “The interaction among colleagues is collegial and you have fun going to work,” adds Maximilian Rentzsch. He wants to pass this feeling on to future colleagues. In the meantime, he has also passed his trainer aptitude test at the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce and is a registered trainer for industrial business management assistants and e-commerce business people, which is very practical for his tasks in the personnel area. From ASTI InSystems’ point of view, Maximilian Rentzsch is a great asset: he can train new apprentices, knows the company like the back of his hand and is trained in new media.

Questions about a new job? Maximilian Rentzsch helps

Maximilian Rentzsch helps all applicants who are interested in one of the advertised positions and answers questions about starting a career with ASTI InSystems. Anyone who wants to get in touch with him simply books an appointment with him under the newly established tool “First Contact”. You can find the link below the text.

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