Partners in Logistics

Partners in logistics: InSystems Automation and the Slovak SystechGroup, one of the leading creators of automation technology for logistics in the Eastern European market, have taken further first steps towards strategic collaboration at the “Fachforum Logistik” fair.

Partners SystechGroup and InSystems deepen collaboration

The SystechGroup and InSystems plan to be able to serve the Eastern European market better in the future. To do so, SystechGroup will gather information on customers’ needs, which InSystems will then respond to by developing customised vehicles. After taking care of the installation process together, SystechGroup is then supposed to take over customer service tasks on-site.

Obstacles and people are safely navigated around

At the Logistikforum, InSystems’ technology was met with much interest. Not only were many questions asked, but our team was even invited to an automobile manufacturer’s own conference. Lennart Held, project leader at InSystems since April 2016, explains: “Our proANT transport robots navigate via the use of a laser scanner, and thus don’t need reflectors, markings or tracks. They are able to adapt to changes in their environment.” This adaptiveness makes the vehicles safe to use around human workers as they will navigate around people or obstacles or choose alternative paths if necessary. Since 2012, InSystems specialises in the development of autonomously navigating transport robots which are created to carry loads weighing between 30 and 1000kg, depending on the customer’s needs, and are implemented in the customer’s already existing production management system as fleets.

Transport robots navigate intelligently

By using a map of their environment which needs to be created via initial scan, each transport robot is able to calculate its respective ideal route to its goal. The vehicles’ communication is carried out via WLAN, and helps them avoid interfering with each other’s tasks. Furthermore, their fleet management system monitors each robot’s status and ensures that they are sent to a charging station when necessary, where the vehicles are able to charge up over the course of just a few minutes thanks to modern battery technology.

Hightech on the innovation site Adlershof

InSystems Automation was founded in 1999 by its managing directors Henry Stubert and Torsten Gast and has grown steadily ever since. By now, the business employs more than 50 workers and has has made its home in Berlin-Adlershof.

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