Cooperating transport systems

Leonard Schönborn and Sven-Bjarne Seifert produced a project film about cooperating transport systems in our Showroom Industry 4.0.

The semester project: cooperating transport system

The two students of the Humboldt-University Berlin interviewed our project leader Lennart Held. During this interview, he explained the way InSystems’ transport robots work, which advantages they offer and also talked about InSystems’ history.

Project film in the Showroom Industry 4.0

Their film was part of their semester project’s conclusive presentation, the project being about cooperating transport systems, which was overseen by Professor Holger Schlingloff, Professor of Informatics at the Humboldt-University Berlin and Chief Scientist of the System Quality Center SQC at the Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS.

Professor Schlingloff is Chief Scientist of the System Quality Center (SQC) at the Fraunhofer Institute for open communication systems FOKUS, Berlin, and at the same time professor for software engineering focussing on specification, verification and testing theory at the Humboldt-University Berlin.

Higher efficiency via collaborating fleet management

The transport of material and products in modern industrial sites is nowadays carried out more and more often by driverless transport vehicles. By integrating the use of transport robots into a plant’s processes, running times and assembly flexibility can be optimised. The semester project had the goal of raising a transport system fleet’s efficiency and scalability by implementing collaborating fleet management.

The proANT transport robots navigate autonomously and intelligently as a swarm and are able to move loads weighing 30kg or anything up to 1000kg. Should a vehicle malfunction, then another is able to take over its task. The fleet’s management system ensures that the vehicles are optimally used and interact reliably.

The showroom is worth a visit

The showroom industry 4.0 is open each week and can be found in Rudower Chaussee 9. There, interested parties are welcome to watch our transport robots being tested. We also offer guided tours.

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