Year 2015

December 2015Report and charity

InSystems can, once again, look back on a busy year full of innovative projects. Next year will likely be no different, as the most interesting prospects – such as further development on autonomous vehicles and our proANT Showroom, where we plan to show our proANT robots in action 24 hours a day in the future – have already emerged. In order keep up our growth as an organisation, we are always looking for new employees who enjoy working on innovative technology in an independent atmosphere. And we are trying to help those have yet to make it to their time of greatest growth and development, which is why we once again financially support the Straßenkinder e.V., an organisation helping homeless children and young adults, by taking part in star fm’s charity event.

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InSystems spendet an Strassenkinder e.V.

November 2015New Pick-2-Light sensor models D002 and C002

We have responded to our customer’s feedback and developed new P2L-sensor models with advanced customisation possibilities. They now make it possible to adjust pick-up-times and the LED’s brightness. Furthermore, these new sensors now include an automatic teach-feature, which enables them to adjust to changing filling levels inside their material vessels. The new P2L-sensors can be found under the names D002 for the digital P2L-sensor and C002 for the sensor with CAN bus. Both models are available from April 2016.

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October 2015InSystems‘ Pick-2-Light at the Motek-stall of Rose+Krieger

InSystems’ P2L-sensors were implemented in a working station with adjustable height and were presented in a visualised montage system at PK Rose+Krieger’s stall.

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Pick-2-Light Motek Stand

October 2015 Lecture at the industry meeting „Berlin’s Industry 4.0“

On the 9th of October, our managing director Henry Stubert did a lecture on the current state of development of autonomously navigating transport vehicles as well as their advantages, adaptability and general opportunities at Berlin’s School for Technology and Economics.

Further information as well as the lecture’s manuscript can be found here.

September 2015Discovering electric mobility at InSystems

On the 24th of September, the Lernfabrik Berlin organised an informative event which included visits at enterprises in the the electric mobility industry in Berlin Adlershof. The event’s goal was to make students develop an interest in technology-related professions and show students who were already interested which possible careers there are. 15 students who were currently studying in an apprenticeship to become assistant for regenerative energy technology and energy management at the OSZ TIEM visited InSystems’ workshop and were informed about transport robots. They showed much interest in this innovative technology which InSystems is currently researching and has also filed a patent for. InSystems is very invested in the topic of education and always offers internships and options to cooperate with us while writing dissertations.

In January 2016, our showroom at the Rudower Chaussee 9 will open, where interested parties can see our proANT vehicles in action.

Elektromobilität - Showroom für proAnt Transportroboter

August 2015Apprentice from the 1st of September onwards

As soon as the next educational year for apprenticeships starts, InSystems will once again train an apprentice to become industrial sales assistant. InSystems has been recognised as an organisation which may offer apprenticeships by the IHK Berlin since 2007 and has successfully trained apprentices in several disciplines.

July 2015InSystems‘ summer celebration

On Friday the 3rd of July, this year’s annual summer celebration took place at InSystems. It was located at the Akademie Berlin-Schmöckwitz. 17 athletic members of our team could not be discouraged by the summer’s high temperatures and made their way to the location from the office by bike. After taking the ferry in Grünau and several breaks to catch their breaths at beer gardens, their path led them along the water for long distances, which made for great opportunities for refreshing every now and then. After 29km, our team as well as their families were treated to a barbecue buffet in the calm summer evening.

June 2015Stamping machines for diagnostic medical dipsticks

InSystems has manufactured a machine for stamping diagnostic medical dipsticks for a customer in the pharmaceutics industry. In order to do so, an already existing construction was optimised and altered in terms of machine and functionality safety, clean room compatibility and ease of operation. The machine stamps dipsticks made of laminated paper which causes a need for regular machine cleaning. Because of that, the machine was constructed so the changing of parts is made easy. By improving feed motions and programming, the use of stick material could be optimised as well, so each piece of raw material can now be cut into one more stick.

Stanzmaschine für medizinische Teststreifen

May 2015Moving to the new workshop and storage space

As our old workshop often did not offer enough space when working on large projects, InSystems had decided to look for a new place for our team to work on the creation and testing of customised machinery and AGVs (automated guided vehicles). It was a strike of luck that allowed us to move into a spacious workshop formerly owned by a business partner, who had recently decided to move away. Thus, our new workshop is found on the IGZ grounds, near our office. The new workspace now not only includes areas for montage and manufacturing, but also our InSystems-shop, which was moved directly to our storage space for easier dispatch and handling procedures.

April 2015incubed IT wins Robotics Award at the Hannover Messe 2015

InSystems collaborates with the Austrian business incubed IT in the development of autonomously navigating transport vehicles and uses incubed IT’s navigation technology in the proANT AGVs (automated guided vehicle). incubed IT’s robot solution makes the creation of autonomously navigation robots which are able to avoid obstacles on their own possible. Their software solution includes each single robot’s management as well as an controlling fleet management system. The Robotic Award is granted at the Hannover Messe since five years by a jury of experts in robotics made up from the Hannover Messe, the Industrieanzeiger news and the Robotic Academy. Criteria to win this award are among others the amount of innovation behind a product, how useful it is in an industrial, environmental and social context as well as how well it serves customers’ needs.

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March 2015New design and easier checkout-process for the InSystems-shop

InSystems’ online shop has been revamped by a software-update. It now presents itself not only in a new design, but also with a much more convenient ordering process. InSystem has been offering its online shop-service for 6 years now and ships control system components and spare parts all over the world.

February 2015Soccer robots supported by InSystems claim victory

On the last weekend of February, the RoboCup qualification tournament took place in Berlin. The RoboCup is an international initiative for research and interdisciplinary education in connection with artificial intelligence and autonomous mobile systems. Regional and national tournaments are to be won before a team has qualified to compete in the international cup in Heifei, China. The team FIRST, which was supported by InSystems, was able to win all five matches in the category “Soccer” with its two robots and is qualified for the German national tournament in Magdeburg in April by scoring first place and a goal quota of 123:5.

January 2015proANT featured in Handling

In the online publication of the professional journal “Handling”, an article on proANT robots was published.

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Further information on autonomous proANT robots