Year 2014

December 2014Tinsor Tutorial on YouTube and

The Tinsor for automatically detecting the tin side on plate glass must be calibrated for the glass type before first use. This process is now explained in a video tutorial. In many processes for the further processing of flat glass (e.g. metallization, coating), it is necessary to recognize the tin side, which is created due to production circumstances. Before the first detection process can take place, the Tinsor must be set on the glass surface to be tested, as the difference of the measured values of tin and air side depends on glass type and thickness. For testing the simple and reliable functionality of the Tinsor with individually used types of glass, InSystems provides a Tinsor for a trial period free of Charge. The process of testing is described in the manual as a calibrating/teaching process and is also shown in a video tutorial for easier understanding.More information at
November 2014New AGV film on Youtube and

InSystems has released a movie. Main actor is the proANT 490, an automatically navigating, driverless transport vehicle, which transports loads up to 200 kg. This model of AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicle) was developed for a customer’s production process. The AGVs provide production machines with empty boxes and pick up the filled ones, with both processes being fully automated. The film was released on InSystems’ YouTube channel and on the proANT product website.
October 2014Relaunch of the AGV Website

The product website for driverless transport systems of InSystems was revised. Apart from a new design, the site was expanded in content. The aim was to put our growing portfolio of automatically navigating vehicles into focus and to provide detailed background information on our innovative technology. InSystems designs customized automated guided vehicle systems and integrates them in already existing processes of production. As loads, routes and transfer heights are different in each production plant, we adapt our vehicles to each customers’ circumstances, so the customer has to change as little as possible regarding existing equipment and storage Technology.More Information at
September 2014Group Award for InSystems Software

MES software (Manufacturing Execution Systems) programmed by InSystems has been awarded with an intercompany Value Award for technological excellence by the customer, the world’s leading manufacturer of brake discs for rail vehicles. The MES software includes databases, reports and material flow computers, as well as assembly and order picking control systems. The software was created in a multi-year collaboration of individual projects into a complete system for planning, control, quality assurance and transparent real-time visualization.
August 2014InSystems summer celebration at the lake Müggelsee

This year’s summer celebration found the members of InSystems with their families on the 8th of August at the Müggelsee, enjoying the sunny weather. The company trip started at noon with a biking tour from our office in Adlershof, cycling on a nice route alongside the Dahme to Grünau. After ferrying across the river and challenging the steep ascent to the Müggelturm, we were able to enjoy a beautiful view over the surrounding forest, the Müggelsee and the renovations of the Müggelturm. After a swift descent from the great Müggelberg, the highest elevation in Berlin, we started a boat trip across the Müggelsee from the landing point Rübezahl. The Restaurant Rübezahl entertained us with a barbecue on the Müggelseeterrasse, allowing us to let the day fade away in a comfortable location.
July 2014ESD preventive P2L Sensor at Motek

At this year’s Motek in Suttgart, InSystems publicly presents a newly developed version of our successful Pick-to-light Sensor, to be displayed from 6th-9th October in Hall 1, Booth 1004. The P2L Sensor is especially suited for small components, therefore ideal for the mounting of printed circuit boards (PCBs). For this practice we developed an ESD preventive model of our sensor. Since the whole operating area has to be secured against electrostatic discharges when mounting PCBs, the new P2L Sensor is, in accordance to these precautions, easily earthed through the connection lines. A Pick-to-light control system prevents mistakes in mounting and accelerates the production. The control system indicates to the worker which part is to be used next in the assembly, thus eliminating the danger of confusing similar looking electronic parts during the assembly. Furthermore, the need for searching through manufacturing data and assembly lists is no longer given. With the P2L ESD, InSystems applied for the handling award 2014, which will be awarded at the Motek from the handling-editors and the trade fair organizers for the innovative development of a product.More information at www.pick-2-light.comWe look forward to your visit: Stall 1004 in Halle 1
June 2014 – Contract for challenging automatic transport system

At the end of June, InSystems has received a considerable order for a automated transport system. This project is one of the largest projects in the company’s history. The transport system includes 9 AGVs, 32 transfer stations, a buffer stock with 200 storage spaces and several handling Systems. Stacks and containers with weights of up to 20 kg are transported in a class 9 clean room environment. The control for the transport system communicates with the customer’s own MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and manages the movement orders for the AGVs and the buffer stock. The AGVs have no fixed driving routes, but navigate autonomously using laser navigation and communicate with each other in order to calculate optimal routes. Special conditions to the transport concept have resulted from the fact that the existing production machines are designed for manual loading and can not be modified. A self-sustaining loading concept was created where no measures need to be taken in the existing production lines, be they of mechanical or control Engineering nature. Technically and time-wise, this project represents a very challenging task. All components will supplied and commissioned in December 2014.
May 2014InSystems took part at the Berliner Corporate Challenge

On Wednesday before Ascension Day, the 13th annual Berliner Corporate Challenge took place. Around 11.500 participants took part, a new record set this year, despite the weather being particularly cold and rainy for end of May. Four runners started for InSystems running 6 Kilometers starting at the Brandenburger Tor and ending at the finishing line at the Straße des 17. Juni. The team rating was compiled of the fastest 3 runners and the InSystems team was ranked on place 692 of 1985 with a total time of 1:20:59. The winner team’s result was 00:52:27.Further information, photos and results can be found at
April 2014Devastation in North Carolina – InSystems donates

The Tornados which swept through North Carolina at the end of April did a lot of damage and made up to 200 families loose their homes. InSystems Automation Inc donated US$ 500 to American Red Cross to help the uninsured people of Washington. The office and workshop of InSystems Automation Inc., our branch in Washington, was spared by only just half a mile.Newsreport at WITN
March 2014Happy Birthday InSystems: InSystems turns 15

InSystems was founded by CEOs Torsten Gast and Henry Stubert on the 11.03.1999 as a GbR (partnership under the Civil Code) and the headquarter of the young start-up project was in the basement of a private house. In 2002, InSystems became a GmbH and moved to the newly built innovation and business incubation center in Berlin Adlershof, where we are still located due to the very flexible  room concept. Since 2002, when the first employee was hired – who is still working for InSystems – InSystems continuously grew and now has up to 40 employees. InSystems started with the scope of service, PLC programming and as a subcontractor for machine building companies. By now we deliver turnkey solutions as a general contractor for plant and equipment. InSystems focuses on innovative automation solutions and products development, e.g. our autonomous transport systems and Pick-2-light sensors.ProAnt -The autonomous transport system
Pick2Light Sensors
February 2014Assembly and test station for dishwashers in USA

For a customer in the USA, InSystems has delivered and put into operation two further assembly lines. Assembly lines for the assembly and testing of dishwasher’s panels consist of 3 assembly workstations and one testing station for the final Check-up. InSystems has already delivered several workstations and testing stations to this producer of panels for dishwashers, washing machines and dryers for the US market. The assembly stations are designed for implementing circuit boards, displays and buttons into the panels of dishwashers. After the assembly, the panels are tested mechanically regarding correct button pressing response and electrically regarding functionality of controls, display and buttons.
January 2014InSystems-Shop hits 400 top reviews at Trusted Shops

We are pleased to achieve more than 400 positive reviews at Trusted Shops, the brand leader for shop-ratings, a total rating of “Excellent” and a lot of friendly customer comments. The Trusted Shop widget is implemented directly into the buying transaction at the InSystems shop since September 2011.Only actual buyers are able to rate the their transactions at the rating portal, delivery, goods and service are rated with up to 5 stars, a total rating is shown for the last 12 months. Customers’ ratings are a strong selling point and a very welcome approval for successful shop staff’s work.


Rate Now – The InSystems Shop on Trusted Shops