Year 2011

December 2011Merry Christmas – Donation for Charity

We wish all our business partners and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012. We appreciate all the great collaborations we had in 2011 and are looking forward to some new challenges and assignments in the upcoming 12 months. Like last year, we will not send out any Christmas gifts – instead, we donate for charity.
We chose to donate for the project called „Haus Bolle“ in Berlin’s problem district Marzahn. The non-profit association Straßenkinder e.V. organises the project. Up to 150 children and teenagers are playfully assisted, educated and supplied with healthy food. In fact, the motley Haus Bolle in between a bunch of grey apartment buildings is a great alternative to get away from the problems of everyday life. Oftentimes, the children’s single parents are jobless and unable to take care of the education of their children. They try to deal with their own problems first, so there is often not much time and money left for the kids. Educators working with the project even report about domestic violence, harassment, robbery and illegal drugs.

The project is also supported by the radio station STAR FM.
You may find more information here.

October 2011New Office Space in the USA

The InSystems Automation, Inc. moved with its office, workshop and housing space to a new address in Washington, NC (600E 2st Street). We now work and live in a house which offers a large double garage (which will be our workshop), a kitchen, restroom and office in the lower floor, as well as living-, bed- and bathrooms in the upper floor. Through the centralisation of office, work and living space, we were able to considerably reduce our costs.

August 2011Optimisation of an adjustment toll for hand-brakes in the automobile industry

InSystems optimized a wireless adjustment tool in its construction and controlling for a big automobile manufacturer. The purpose was to update the tool concerning the mechanical requirements of the manufacturing process. Additionally, InSystems developed software and an interface for measuring the adjacent forces. The tool is used for the exact adjustment of the basic drag force on the hand-brake during manufacturing. The tool will be put on the hand-brake lever in the inside of vehicles. It will then transfer the measured forces trough its wireless sensor to the remote station. The worker in back of the car is able to see the outcome of his adjustments directly on a screen in front of him. In fact, he can see the effects of his work almost in real time. Through constructional changes, the analog DMS Sensor has been made secure against impacts. Furthermore, the antenna is now inside the body and the holding fixture for the hand brake lever has been remodeled with a metal reinforcement at the plastic body. Additionally, the tool now comes with a battery charging alarm-system.
July 2011Quality Control by Camera at a Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer

InSystems developed a solution to test plastic lids for correct type and orientation. There are 6 to 8 lids per second which come out of a vibration spiral conveyor. The lids are made for instant soup glasses. They lie on an assembly band and are being viewed at the bottom side by a camera beneath them. The camera tests for the right label and the right position of the label, as well as the correct positioning of the lid itself. It has to have its opening on the top. If a lid is, because of one or more of those criterias, identified as niO, the system will trigger the defective lid to be sent to the end of the buffer line and then remove it with compressed air. The biggest advantage for our customer is a huge save of money. The new quality control system is able to remove the defective lids, and only the defective lids, with precision and accuracy.
May 2011Website, Xing-Group and a new Info-Letter for WaProTek

The research project WaProTek on which InSystems is integrated as a partner, just got its own website ( All informations about the projekt its outcomes can be read there. On Xing there opened a group called “WPS-Wandlungsfähige Produktionssysteme”, in which relevant questions and themes may be discussed.InSystems Automation is a partner of the research project WaProTek, which develops process architecture that triggers transformation. The project is under guidance of the Institut für Fabrikanlagen und Logistik (IFA). The developed process architectures have the goal to enable organisations to react flexible and quick to the globally fast changing production needs. The german industry may create a sustainable strategic success-factor.You may find more information here.
April 2011InSystems RoboCup Team is qualified for World Championship

The InSystems-supported team FRT-A has qualified for the World Championship in Istanbul! They finished second at the RoboCup German Open 2011 of the A LWL Secondary Soccer League. The 11th german RoboCup Junior Championship was held from March 31st to the 3rd of April 2011 at the fair in Magdeburg. Almost 200 student teams from 60 different locations in all over Germany participated in the event. Only 26 teams have been nominated for the World Championship in Istanbul. The FRT-A Team supported by InSystems started in two different leagues this year. In the league Soccer B they reached a very good 10th place. In the league Soccer A LWL Secondary they finished 2nd. Unfortunately, the light sensors malfunctioned on the first day, which robbed the team of any chance to come in first. However, the team won all games aside from that one and finshed with a record score of 67:11.
March 2011Measurement of Prestressing Steel

For the incoming goods inspection of prestressed concrete manufacture InSystems developed a proof-system which is able to measure the profile depth of the incoming charges and record them in a database. A minimal profile depth of the prestressed steel is important for the quality and the stability under load of the prestressed concrete. The profile on the prestressed steel is getting stamped with embossing rolls. In conclusion the profile depth must get proven over the whole length of the roll.The measurement system consits of a linear axis, on which a laser sensor is mounted. Additionaly there is a powered prism to insert the steel. The analog values of the laser sensor will be encoded by the software. At the moment of the movement of the sensor trough the linear axis, a two-dimensional profile with the length of the embossing rolls circumference. The software then determines the profile depth of every embossing. The measurement system works with a repeat accuracy of of +/- 0,005mm.
February 2011Presentation of ADAM (Autonomous Delivery And Manipulation)

InSystems Automation demonstrated an intelligent AGV, the “ADAM Mobil Robot” from the canadian company RMT Robotics. This Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) is an autonomous conveyor, which mapped the rooms and floors of our office building during a short test drive. After that was done, one could send the robot to various points in the building. It defines its route by itself and steers autonomously around obstacles and persons. A software defines areas which are not to be driven in at all or where only one vehicle at a time may be.
InSystems presented this AGV to its Berlin customers und would like to integrate a small robot fleet in their production.
January 2011InSystems is now approved to be a trainee instructor for more professions

Every company who would like to develop themselves and keep on growing, needs outstanding employees. And everybody who wants to have specialized staff has to do something for it. Since 2007, InSystems successfully educates interns in industrial sales, as well as office-clerks. This year we will, for the first time, also educate an intern in a technical professions. Because the IHK approved InSystems as an educator for two more occupations: IT Application Specialist and Mathematical-Mechanical Software Developer. Both job descriptions fit perfectly to our requirements of the SPS-Programming division in which we are greatly positioned and develop outstanding and innovative technical solutions.In addition to the interns InSystems will surely still employ trainees from Colleges and Universities.