Year 2008

August 2008 – Founding of a Joint-Venture between MES Softwarespecialist Prediktor and InSystems Automation

The Norwegian MES Software Developer Prediktor AS and the Berlin Automation Specialist InSystems Automation GmbH have been signed a Joint-Venture together. Aim of the Joint-Venture is to offer the growing german Photovoltaic Industrie a specially developed and tested MES Software APIS.A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a neccessary part of product optimization for every PV-Fabric. Because of the registration of all important production-data, all manufacturing results can be analysed, so that relations between process datas and material charecteristics may easily be sighted.

Prediktor AS from Norway has worked with the development of MES for 7 years now. They have allready successfully installed a lot of MES in PV Fabrics in Norway and Germany. InSystems Automation GmbH is successful with machine steerings and MES Interfaces since 1999. We will integrated our know-how in service and Interface Integration.

To put it in a nutshell, our clients will not just get a german contact-partner, they will also take their profit from the outcoming norwegian and german experince-synergies in the Photovoltaic industry.

Both enterprises will present themselves on the biggest international Photovoltaic Exhibition in Valencia, Spain, at the beginning of September.

Starting at the 1st of September 2008, the new Prediktor GmbH will offer the distribution, the project management and the service for MES Systems out of one-hand, located at the Economy and High-Technologie Park Berlin-Adlershof.

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July 2008On Exhibition

InSystems will be present on two photovoltaic exhibitions this year.From 1th – 4th of September 2008 in Valencia: Hall 3, Stand 39a

On this world-greatest Solar Energy Conference, which used to be in Milan last year, 20 000 visitors are expected. The connected exhibition in march has already been overbooked with 3500 exhibitors.InSystems will be present with its automation solutions for the photovoltaic production and the MES Software of our partner Prediktor.
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On this years Glasstec Conference in Düsseldorf there will be a special exhibition “glass technology live” on which InSystems will be present for the first time. At the moment glass is the connecting element, not just for the solar industry. Glass connects equaly the cell, modul, and preproduct manufacturers as well as machine-builders and system-integrators of the solar industry.
Glassproducts and production techniques are are traditionally close connected at the Glasstec. More then 20 leading manufacturers and scientists of the industry are on Glasstec to present products and techniques of the future.
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June 2008Communication-campagne for Migration of Siemens S5 to S7

Soon the S5 product series from Siemens will not be available anymore. However a lot of enterprises did not realise that yet and still run their machines with the old S5 steerings. But when parts are not available anymore it will happen pretty fast, that productions will be aborted and machines stand still.In addition to that a Migration process to SIMATIC S7 does have more advantages concerning costs, capacity and quality. InSystems is looking forward to inform you about your personal need of Migration.

InSystems has a distribution system for used S5 groups and likes to take your components in payment.

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May 2008Contract with Fielmann for eye-glass manufacturing

InSystems receives the assignment for buffers on the entrance and exit of the machine-sharpener of the eyeglass manufacturing. The buffers will be installed right over the existing conveyors to safe a lot of space. The visualizing and steering of the buffers will be done with a software from InSystems, which may communicate with the clients order administration.InSystems created the concept of manufacturing optimation in a scenario study and cares for an ongoing order stream.

February 2008Automatic view-control of metal covers

InSystems just realized a quality control system for metal covers of chemical technique containers. The machine moves different metal cover types with a conveyor over a source of light, while four cameras automatically check the covers for breaks.
All broken covers are getting thrown out automatically.