Year 2007

November 2007 – InSystems on the SPS-Drive

InSystems is, as a WAGO Solution Partner, present on the SPS/IPC Drives Exhibition in Nuernberg. We present an automatic handling solution which uses a WAGO I/O System. …….

September 2007InSystems as an instructor for trainees

InSystems was officially acknowledged by the IHK Berlin (Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce), as an instructor of trainees, and hired an intern for industrial sales beginning on the first of September. This is the first time InSystems has had its own trainee in the sales division.
InSystems has previously employed trainees, in the technical division, in cooperation with the OSZ TIEM. (Center for Higher Education of Information Technology, Electronics, and Energy Management)

July 20073. VDMA-Technik-Benchmark Security

InSystems is a member of the VDMA (Professional Association of Electric Automation).
At the 3th VDMA-Technik-Benchmark Security on 8th of November 2007 in Frankfurt am Main, InSystems is one of the experts, who discuss and analyse six IT-concepts with different focuses.The task is to develop a chip board system and six solutions for IT-security and administration. The findings will be presented and then discussed by system integrators. The aim is to present the IT-basics and network technologies to people from the areas of planning, projecting, start-up or service of automation system networks in a clear format.

We like to send you an invitation
Reason. 3th VDMA-Technik- Benchmark Security

July 2007Committee 100 Newsletter

“At the June Committee of 100 meeting, Chairman Rocky Jacobs and President Tom Richter presented Committee of 100 white hats to Henry Stubert and Uwe Mueller of InSystems Automation. Stubert is CEO of the company.Founded in 1999, InSystems Automation provides specialized services of automation engineering, systems for handling, tracking and identifying materials as well as constructing special purpose machines to meet customer specifications.

The Berlin, Germany based company is presently working with Prettl Appliance Systems. Their product range contains all tasks up to building of turn-key production plants:

– Facilities and special machines for automation productions
– Handling and robot systems
– Conveyor and storage systems

The partners of the company founded in North Carolina in February 2007 and have been renting one of the executive offices in the Skills Center. At this point they are training a technician and according to their wbe site, hope to open a selling division in the future.”

July 2007Fully automatic rope-cutting machine

InSystems optimated a fully automatic rope-cutting-machine for the Berliner Seilfabrik. The Berliner Seilfabrik manufactures playground objects, which consist of a lot of different single ropes. We developed a new SPS Programm and a software, which saves all the data of the ropes and playing objects in a databank and delivers them to the cutting machine. Now it is possible to start a job for all the ropes of an activity set with just one mouse click. After the optimation process, the ropes will be manufactured with an accuracy of 1mm, and a production time saving of 20%. Screenshot MFR
May 2007Start-Up in Hebron Kentucky, USA

The machine consists of various automatic and manual work stations for the assembly of oil reservoirs on automobile pumps and the verification of Torque settings. The processed data of the Display system is collected and connected to the corresponding component on the SQL-Server. C++ provides the basis for the visualization of the machine works.

April 2007First employee InSystems Inc.

The InSystems Automation Inc. hired its first employee in North Carolina. Thomas Baxley is a Master of Science in computer technology and already has experience of five years in programming, visualization and computer techniques. As a service technician he takes care of all machines which InSystems delivered to its north american clients.Breakdowns, adjustments and service can now be taken care of quickly and directly.
March 2007InSystems enlarges work-space

InSystems has consolidated its previously scattered divisions to one building. This means that all divisions are within easy reach and shortens the distance between office, stock and construction significantly.Furthermore the new rooms give us the opportunity of better working conditions for the final construction and pre acceptance of our machines for our clients.

February 2007InSystems Automation Inc. North Carolina

The partners of the InSystems Automation GmbH founded the corporation, InSystems Automation Inc. in the state of North Carolina. Constantly growing business required a performance improvement in the services for our American customers. The new corporation will take over the service of all machines and automation-solutions, on a contractual basis, which have been delivered to the United States up until now and that will be delivered in the future after the successful training of a service technician. The office is located at the Beaufort County Skills Center in Washington NC., Right next to our client PRETTL Appliance. There are also plans, for a sales division.

Januar 2007Washing machine devices in the USA

InSystems developed workplaces on which washmachine steering devices will be programmed and proved, for the company Prettl Appliance Systems in Washington, North Carolina.