Intelligent assemby workspace

InSystems Automation has presented the intelligent assembly workspace with Pick-2-Light technology at SINDEX, the leading Swiss fair for industrial automation technology.

Intelligent assembly workspace with Pick-2-Light technology

Since 2013, InSystems Automation has developed so-called Pick-2-Light-sensors (P2L-sensors) which offer great advancements for assembly workspace architecture. InSystems’ P2L-sensors allow the creation of more ergonomic material assembly shelves with more efficiency concerning where and how far workers need to reach for parts. The sensors’ reacting distance is adaptable and can easily be customised depending on vessel shapes and filling levels.

Pick-2-Light-sensors increase efficiency

InSystems has presented its technology at the Phoenix Mecano Group’s stall, this group being the internationally leading organisation in manufacturing and selling industrial technology components.

Torsten Gast, InSystems’ managing director, explains: “Industry 4.0 – appliances offer interesting potentials for increasing efficiency at manual assembly- and production workspaces. Phoenix Mecano’s assembly work stations equipped with our P2L-technology make not only heightened process safety, but also faster working methods and improved traceability possible.”

Production time can be considerably shortened

Pick-2-Light technology allows employees to work considerably faster and eliminate sources of error. It is a paperless principle which relies on light signals to guide workers. The inbuilt sensors signal which next step is to be taken and control the assembly process. If a worker reaches into a wrong shelf on accident, he is made aware of this via red lights.

The Pick-2-Light method is fashioned after the Japanese “Poka Yoke”-principle, the goal of which being to eliminate as many sources of error at manual assembly stations as possible. This is especially of benefit for products which are created in many different variations, as this technology allows workers to concentrate fully on the actual assembly process without having to worry about job time tickets, lists of parts or assembly drawings. The worker’s hands are kept free and any necessary assembly notes are shown on a display.

Further information concerning P2L-technology and its advantages can be found on our website. Interested parties are also welcome to visit InSystems Automation’s showroom at Rudower Chaussee 9 for a demonstration.

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