InSystems will become first partner for Omron Solutions

InSystems Automation will become first Omron Solution Partner. Both technology companies entered a partnership for mobile robot systems. InSystems extends its product portfolio with the Omron LD robot series. On the other side, Omron customers can count from now on InSystems expertise as a specialist for customer tailored all-round solutions in the field of automatized material transports.

InSystems Automation becomes first Omron Solution Partner

InSystems Automation GmbH, expert for all-round solutions in the field of automatized material transport and Omron Electronics GmbH, leading company in the industrial automation, entered a strategical partnership for mobile robot systems. “We are proud to be one of the first official Omron Solution Partner in the new Omron partner network. This raises our possibilities and resources for AGV and Cobot projects. Big customers need global partners within global projects. Omron is a global partner, therefore we are delighted about the cooperation”, says Henry Stubert, general manager at InSystems Automation GmbH.

InSystems is a specialist for all-round solutions with automatized material transports.

InSystems Automation develops innovative automatization solutions and special machines for manufacturing, material flow and quality controls. The company was founded 1999 by Henry Stubert and Torsten Gast and grew steadily since then. Meanwhile it has 64 employees. The headquarters are in the science center Berlin-Adlershof. Here customers can watch among others a live demonstration of Omron’s LD robots in the Industry 4.0 showroom. Since 2012 InSystems focused on the automatized material transport and is an important partner when it comes to optimizing material flow and mobile robots in factories. The partnership should provide Omron customers with new flexible manufacturing solutions with mobile and cooperating robots. On the other side, InSystems extends its product range with the Omron LD robot series.

InSystems offers a broad range of services as a general contractor

„We are happy to have found in InSystems a capable partner in the field of mobile robotics, which owns a long-term experience in system construction besides a deep relation to the latest technologies and is therefore an innovative partner for the realization of partial solution or complete systems“, explains Ibrahim Buge, system integration manager at Omron.

Ibrahim Buge goes on: „InSystems offers Omron a good opportunity to benefit from its skills in intralogistics and project management, in order to cope with the automation requests from our customers in the automotive, food and consumer goods industry. Their experience in the software development, in the cross-linking of industrial systems and in the technical realization of transport modules and loading and unloading stations brings further advantages for our customers. Besides that, they have far-reaching knowledges in the integration of mobile robot fleets in manufacturing facilities. Not least I see in InSystems a loyal, reliable and customer-oriented partner, which is in compliance with Omron corporate principles.“