InSystems Automation will become a member of ASTI Mobile Robotics Group

InSystems Automation GmbH will be integrated within ASTI Mobile Robotics Group, strengthening the Group international position, the highly qualified team and broadening the mobile robots’ portfolio. The acquisition will facilitate ASTI’s access to the German and US market, boost its presence in Central Europe and reinforce its European leadership as a supplier of Automated Guided Vehicles.

Acquisition Agreement Signed

On October 10th 2019, ASTI Mobile Robotics Group and InSystems Automation signed the agreement for the acquisition of the German company by the Spanish Group.

With this step, both companies pursue the target of a strong internationalization and the possibility to expand into unexplored growing markets  like the US, but also markets in other European regions. The group has now headquarters in  Burgos und Madrid (Spain), Berlin (Germany), Mulhouse (France) and in North Carolina (USA) as well as team of over 300 employees.

Verónica Pascual, CEO of ASTI Mobile Robotics said “This event will strengthen our company by allowing a market access for our complementary product portfolio and maximizing our R&D capacities”.

Henry Stubert added: “Our companies don’t only match perfectly in the portfolio, but also in the corporate culture.” Torsten Gast added: “The demand for our AGVs  is huge and we are glad to be able to rely on these big production capacities now.”

After the acquisition, the ASTI group has now the broadest range of automated vehicles with various navigation systems in the market. It has a manufacturing capacity of several thousand vehicles per year and runs a joint R&D strategy that will be reinforcing its market value proposition. Always driven by a customer centric common culture, it consolidates its services in Europe and in the US.

The corporate merger allows exchanging and developing top cutting-edge technologies, increasing our manufacturing capacities and offering our customers a wide product range of AGVs. InSystems Automation’s team is glad to join the strong team of ASTI Mobile Robotics with more than 220 high-qualified employees.  The future of InSystems Automation is now ensured by a strong partner and we get the chance to be always a step ahead of the market.

We believe that this merger will generate a strong positive influence for both companies, our partners and our customers, since we are driven by customer satisfaction.

What changes for our customers, partners and suppliers?


InSystems Automation GmbH remains unchanged and Torsten Gast und Henry Stubert are still managing directors. Only the shareholders changed.

InSystems Automation GmbH operates a small unity within ASTI Mobile Robotics Group and will continue to plan Driverless Transport Systems on its own, to achieve developing performances and to organize projects.
The proANT transport robots will be further developed, custom-tailored and supported by the customer service.
InSystems Automation will develop new models and an universal fleet control even in the future.

Additionally, our portfolio expands with the ASTI models i.e. for heavier loads, for outdoor use, to drive underneath obstacles and with other navigation technologies (rail-borne).

All offers keep the validity and running projects will be carried out without any changes.

About ASTI Mobile Robotics Group

ASTI Mobile Robotics Group, transforming the future together, is an international group of mobile robotics companies. Its engineering team analyses, designs, manufactures, deploys and maintains AGV-based intralogistics systems used to move materials and products from one location to another within companies.

Offering the market’s widest range of driverless vehicles, ASTI MR Group has been named Europe’s leading mobile-robot manufacturer for a third consecutive year. The firm is an expert in industrial connectivity and mobile-robot data analytics. ASTI Mobile Robotics Group comprises ASTI Mobile Robotics (with sites in Burgos and Madrid) and ASTI France Mobile Robotics.

With a history stretching back more than 35 years, ASTI Mobile Robotics Group forms part of ASTI TechGroup, a technology and digital transformation holding with an offering that ranges from kaizen and lean industrial consulting (via ASTI Consulting Service) through to mobile robotics applications in a variety of fields (via ASTI Technologies Distribution).

Meanwhile, aware of the challenges that digital transformation brings, ASTI Talent & Tech Foundation works to promote STEM vocations among young people through programs like STEAM Talent Kids, STEM Talent Girl and ASTI Challenge.