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InSystems Automation made it in June in the cover and in the cover story of “handling”, just in time for the company anniversary and for the topping out ceremony. The topic of the June edition is the future of transport robots. The message is: the offer of platform producers on the market will raise, therefore the performance of integrators like InSystems Automation will be more and more important for the realization of holistic material flow solutions.

handling cover story: Future of the transport robots

The trade magazin “handling” belongs to the most important specialist media in its sector and enjoys a big reading circle. In its June edition,  the staff tackled the topic “autonomous transport robots” and asked InSystems Automation for an estimate of the trends and developments of the transport robotics in the next years. Below you can read an extract of the cover story.

The market for driverless transport systems (DTS) or autonomous transport robots booms. Just a couple of years ago, mainly stock-listed companies invested in this business. Today, thousand of companies want to make their manufacturing more efficient with the help of smart robot solutions. The trend can be explained by the fact that transport robotics are a major component of Industry 4.0. It is all about delivering the right material at the right time in the right quality. In the process, no sector is left out. Everywhere, where transports take place, an automation by transport robots is possible.

Platform producer vs. integrators

Furthermore, in the last years the number of platform producers on the market raised. However, we realize that the platform itself will not be the main focus in the future. Much more important will be the task of bringing together heterogeneous robot fleets from different manufacturers in an industrial environment, so that they can cooperate together. InSystems Automation’s customer don’t buy in fact a transport robot, but a holistic material flow concept for their production site. In fact, according to our experience, no two factories are alike. The local facilities and devices for the loads, transfer stations and conveyor technologies are always different. Meanwhile, platform producers like Omron, Stöcklin or ASTI work together with integrators like InSystems Automation in order to integrate their vehicles in the  specifical manufacturing environment and given software structure.

You can read the whole text in the June edition of  “handling”.

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