Globetrotter Lennart Held

Lennart Held is responsible for sale and implementation of the proANT-robots and has been on the move like a globetrotter for In Systems since April 2016.

Lennart Held is always on the move

His destinations are Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovakia, the USA and Dubai. He explains InSystems’ innovative transport robot system sometimes in English, sometimes in German, to customers all over the world. As soon as he sets foot into his office, new notices about appointments with customers elsewhere await him, customers from automotive suppliers, the cosmetics industry and synthetic materials industry.

Usually, a normal sales process goes like this: He meets the customer on a fair, gets to know them better during a chat, first offers are made and a specification sheet is created in which project goals and specifications are written down in as detailed a manner as possible. After that, the information gathered and created is evaluated once more and a revised overview of costs is produced. “It can take up to 3 months, even half a year, until a project is completely carried out.”, explains Lennart Held. As part of InSystems’ sales team, one is also project manager: A project is taken care of from beginning to end, and its sales specialist takes on a lot of responsibility.

Customers are provided with individualised solutions

What he likes about his job are most of all the different kinds of customers. “As InSystems develops individualised automation solutions, it never gets boring: new challenges arise every day, new questions are asked and new project goals pop up frequently.” InSystems identifies as a general contractor. Customers are provided with individualised solutions which always aim to take any and all customer requirements into account.

The customers’ motivation to contact InSystems tends to match this: many have realised that transport tasks are non-profit-creating steps in production. By using transport robots, specialist workers no longer need to spend valuable time carrying heavy loads and can concentrate on more important tasks instead. The transport robots are able to carry loads weighing 30kg up to 1000kg and furthermore navigate autonomously.

Held successfully completed industrial engineering and management studies at the BEUTH school for technology in Berlin and worked at the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation (IPA) before he came to InSystems.

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