Flexible flows of material

Autonomous transportation robots make flexible flows of material possible. On the 6th of April 2017, at the 26th Congress for Flows of Material, InSystems managing director Henry Stubert showed the advantages and possibilites autonomously navigating transportation robots offer in an industrial context, as well as how they function and which kinds of technical requirements must be met by clients in order for these robots to be installed.

Concepts for ideal flows of material

Flows of material inside modern organisations are often carrried out by autonomously navigating vehicles. Contrary to ordinary concepts developed to organise flows of material, these robots are able to function without many of the instalments necessary for other, older vehicles and may adapt to changes in their working environment.

Since 2012, InSystems develops such autonomously navigating vehicles called ProAnt Transportation Robots. These vehicles do not require pre-set routes to drive. Instead, their control system merely transmits data telling them where the client needs them to go and they find the ideal route to get there themselves. When seeking this route, they are able to not only consider what the shortest way would be, but also hindrances such bottlenecks encountered by other ProAnt robots, since every ProAnt robot communicates with other ProAnt robots it is used together with.

Because the loads to be transported, width of pathways and heights at which materials are to be handed over by the robot may differ between organisations, InSystems fabricates and develops its transportation robots individually for each client all by itself, which grants InSystems a high level of reliability and flexibility in terms of its production process. For that reason, our ProAnt robot transportation Systems make for an ideal concept for flows of material.

 Many different uses

ProAnt robots may be used in many different ways, for example within automated flows of material between storage areas, machines and workspaces as well as for more specific uses.


The Congress for Flows of Material was organised by the VDI this year and took place in Garching near Munich. One of the main topics addressed was the  impact of digital transformation on intralogistics. Participants discussed topics such as the Big Data, the usage of Clouds and new concepts for digital enterprises.


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