Finance Expert Alexandra Suciu becomes CFO at ASTI InSystems

Finance expert Alexandra Suciu joins the ASTI InSystems Germany management starting in October. Her areas of expertise are finances and controlling. She will support the management team and help integrating the company in the ASTI Mobile Robotics Group.

Finance Expert Alexandra Suciu joins management

Alexandra Sucius tasks are wide-ranging. First of all, she will take over management’s tasks in the areas of finance and controlling. Her priority is also pushing the integration of InSystems Automation into the ASTI Mobile Robotics Group. The fusion in the fall of last year requires a lot of work, which cannot be done by the two CEOs, Henry Stubert and Torsten Gast alone. With her help, both managing directors will be able to focus more on the technical and organisational challenges in the project business.

Alexandra Suciu should also bring new ideas. For example, she plans to improve the evaluation methods for analyzing and providing financial data. A new ERP software will help her to accomplish her goal. She says she’s a big “number fan” and loves working with statistics. She wants to use controlling to show new growth potential for the German-Spanish company and would like to optimize supply chains with focus on the economic and financial guidelines.

High achiever with two Master degrees and a start-up

Starting new at ASTI, Alexandra Suciu is not breaking new ground. In Romania, she has already worked for six years as CFO for a family-run company which was specialized in automation. Alexandra Suciu’s academic resume is impressive. She first completed her Bachelor degree in Business Administration in Bucharest. Two Master degrees in Finance Management and Business Engineering followed. In addition to her mother tongue Romanian, she speaks English, Spanish and German.

In 2006, she founded her own start-up company called “Exige Supply” with a few software developers. The team of three has developed a smart, self-learning algorithm to calculate forecasts for goods sales. The app targets online stores and traditional retailers, who have to keep products in stock. Her first customer was a bookstore in her home town. The project was even supported by European funds at the time. One of the questions was, how many books a bookstore has to stock when a certain bestseller is published. The app monitors all data streams and calculates probabilities about future market behavior. This makes it possible to forecast how many goods must be kept in stock. In our example, the book store was able to save over 10,000 euros.

Endurance is her strength

In her free time, Alexandra Suciu likes to exercise. She is particularly fond of biking. Sometimes she prefers to get on her bike in the morning and cycle 17 km rather than take the bus or the train. “Endurance is important, not only in sports,” reveals the new Berliner. “In my job, I also need a lot of patience and discipline, because decision-making processes can take longer”. With her passion for cycling, but also with her professional profile, she fits in well with the management of ASTI InSystems Germany. Henry Stubert and Torsten Gast also love cycling. We are happy that Alexandra Suciu has found her way to us and is now part of our team.

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