CaféMobil visits InSystems

radioBERLIN 88.8’s CaféMobil visited InSystems Automation in Berlin Adlershof to offer a coffee-break. This vehicle has been touring all around the city for years to meet all kinds of people, learn about businesses and hear their stories. This time, it was InSystems’ turn.

Coffee-break with the CaféMobil

Sadly, the cold caused the coffee machine to freeze, which meant no coffee for us. No amount of hot air InSystems’ staff used to try to unfreeze it in our workshop could convince the machine to work again.

CaféMobil will return

The CaféMobil’s staff had to put the coffee off until next year’s spring. Then, they mean to return to Adlershof to offer coffee. We are curious to see how our coffee-break will go then.

Interview on the radio with the “Morgensendung”’s hosts

Despite the cold and the empty coffee mugs, we had fun while having the CaféMobil over and were happy about InSystems managing director Torsten Gast’s interview on the radio with the “Morgensendung”’s hosts. He introduced the business and talked about which kinds of robots InSystems’ staff would love to have. Aside from that, he also explained to listeners of the show how and why using our transport robots in one’s firm is entirely safe: These robots work side by side with human workers without a problem and can evade them if necessary.

Since 2012, InSystems has specialised in manufacturing autonomously navigating transport robots under the name proANT, which are built to carry loads weighing 30kg or up to 1000kg, depending on the customer’s wishes. They are organised as a fleet and implemented in a plant’s already existing production control system. These robots navigate autonomously via laser scanners and react independently to changes in their environment.

We thank the radio’s staff and hope that they will have many more enjoyable business-visits.


Radio Berlin Coffeebreak