New Building in the Wagner-Régeny-Straße

The construction works for the new office building in the Wagner-Régeny-Straße 16 at the corner to Hans Schmidstraße have been going on for several weeks. At the end of the week InSystems Automation will move into the new quarters. Besides more offices for the employees, the new construction provides more space for the commissioning and the tests of the proANT transport robots, as well as a coworking space, where the staff will enjoy a creative area to work and develop projects.

Start of the construction works for the new office building

If you drive around the Science Campus in Adlershof in these days, you will notice one thing in particular: Everyone is building, drilling and hammering everywhere, machines rattle and roar, heavy construction vehicles move material from one place to the next. In the Hans-Schmidt-Straße behind the building in the Wagner-Régeny-Str. 16, construction works for the new InSystems Automation office building also started on March 19th. Granted, the start was delayed, actually we wanted to begin over a month earlier, but we had to wait longer for the building permit.  Although we have been known for a long time that we wanted to establish a further, structurally identical building on the lot next to one we built 2017. We are building an extension of the current building, which InSystems Automation shares with ZeSys e.V. since December 2017, facing Hans-Schmidt-Straße

The topping out ceremony should take place in June this year and be celebrated along with the 20th anniversary of our company. If everything goes according to the plan, we can start moving at the end of the year.

New test track for bigger transport robots

For the actual tenants at Wagner-Régeny-Straße, InSystems Automation und ZeSys e.V, the new building means above all more room. InSystems Automation will occupy entirely the new building, but it will give back some offices in the first building and use there only two floors.

Torsten Gast, CEO at InSystems Automation, explains: „On the ground floor, we are planning an area for commissioning and tests for our autonomously navigating transport robots. So far this happens either in the showroom or in the repair shop; there is very little space there sometimes.”
The newly acquired areas allow eventually testing and demonstrating bigger transport robots such as the „proANT AGV 576“  for pallets.

Coworking space provides a modern working atmosphere

The new office building will contribute to a modern and creative working atmosphere. For this purpose, we set up an interdisciplinary coworking space, where the members of the different teams can discuss their ideas about a project around island tables. Gast explains: „Recently, our conference rooms are quite often busy because of meetings or customer visits. In the creative area, the people can be together for a longer period of time while developing projects. We will also have lounge corners for the meetings at the coffee machine“.

InSystems Automation keeps growing. For this reason, the repair shop, the warehouse and the online shop won’t probably move and will stay at Kekuléstraße 7 in the IGZ.