Automation meets IT: Intelligent Intralogistics

The importance of industrial networks keeps growing. For that reason, Siemens hosted the event „Automation meets IT“ to inform interested parties about several aspects of industrial digitalisation, among other topics. As a Siemens Solution Partner, InSystems contributed a lecture held by managing director Henry Stubert and also presented autonomous transportation robots.

Communication and robots: The future’s Intralogistics

On the 15th of June, interested parties were invited by Siemens to come visit their event „Automation meets IT“ to learn more about industrial networks. Topics addressed included digitalisation, development and innovation relating to data networks as well as Industry 4.0.

InSystems presented our transportation robots as examples for highly advanced technology that may be involved in the process of establishing an intelligent industrial intralogistics system. Managing director Henry Stubert’s lecture on SCALANCE, a network variant developed by Siemens, showed how robots such as ours may make use of creations like SCALANCE to function more reliably.

InSystems has always been involved in the innovation process surrounding Industry 4.0. Long before the concept of Industry 4.0 was established, InSystems projected intelligent automation solutions with constant data collection, saving and visualization. Since 2012, InSystems specialized on the production of autonomous navigating transport robots. Furthermore, InSystems Automation has much experience in software programming, sensoric and laser, camera and RFID and also creates customised machinery and automation solutions on request.