Alliance for apprenticeships: Ausbildungsallianz Adlershof

Young STEM-talents intrigued: 15 students visited InSystems Automation‘s showroom within the context of the apprenticeship programme „Ausbildungsallianz Adlershof“.

Organisations offering apprenticeships campaign for jobs requiring formal training in the technology industry

On the 4th of July, the „Ausbildungsallianz Adlershof“ took place for the first time at the Ferdinand-Braun-Institute and the Lernfabrik NEUE HOCHTECHNOLOGIEN as a project of the Forum Adlershof e.V. association in collaboration with the Aus- und Weiterbildungsnetzwerk Hochtechnologie. About 150 students from grade 9 to 13 had the opportunity to visit several different organisations located in Adlershof. The organisations‘ main focus was to inform about possibilities for further study or apprenticeships all around the STEM-sector.

Some of these students also visited the InSystems Automation showroom and were given the opportunity to take a closer look at our autonomous transportation robots. Following a short introduction including questions surrounding topics like electrical engineering, IT and related terms („Which kind of technology was the first one you made use of today?“, „What exactly does SPAM mean in German?“), personnel officer Holger Wedeking provided an overview of opportunities for apprenticeships or studying programmes in collaboration with InSystems.

After that, the students were shown a short film about InSystems‘ autonomous transportation vehicles and were then taken to see the robots in action in the exhibition space. Software developer Heiko Marczinski presented them and answered the students‘ many questions. It was demonstrated how the robots automatically accept objects they are to transport and set them down where they need to. Students were also able to see for themselves how the transportation robots are able to recognise them as obstacles if they stand in front of them and how they then find their way around them. A look inside one of these vehicles was also part of the demonstration.

When InSystems‘ programme for the hour had been summed up with opportunities for questions and feedback, some of the students were reluctant to already leave.

InSystems has been an IHK organisation offering apprenticeships since 2007 and is yet looking for an apprentice to become an industrial clerk.