ASTI ZenZoe Disinfection Robot

The Spanish company ASTI Mobile Robotics and the Berlin company InSystems Automation developed together with BOOS Technical Lighting a disinfection robot called “ZenZoe”. The robot automatically moves a light column, which emits ultraviolet light, through interiors, effectively killing up to 99.99% of the corona virus in the air and on surfaces and objects. The effectiveness has been proven by a recognized research institute in a hospital.

Possible areas of application are in addition to hospitals, senior residences and medical offices also hotels, education and sport facilities as well as offices, trade centers and industrial businesses.


Disinfection robot “ZenZoe” is a Berliner

Robots can make an important, life-saving contribution to fighting the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19). The robotics companies ASTI Mobile Robotics and InSystems Automation, together with BOOS Technical Lighting, have developed an autonomous disinfection robot for this purpose in a very short time.

The vehicle named “ZenZoe” has a special light column which emits ultraviolet light (UV-C light). The UV-C lamp is mounted on the lifting device of our autonomous navigating transport robot and can therefore be moved to the best height for optimal treatment. Due to the high concentrated light intensity of the UV lamp, continuous disinfection of germs can be guaranteed in a single pass. This means that surfaces and objects do not have to be disinfected several times, which considerably reduces the disinfection time of a room.

By using cloud-based software, the effectiveness can be tracked and documented in real time.


Effectiveness against Covid-19 is proven

The effectiveness of “ZenZoe” has been verified by international research institutions such as the NBQ laboratory of INTA (National Institute of Aerospace Technology) in collaboration with the UME (Military Emergency Management Unit), after it has been tested for the reduction of viral load on various surfaces. The use of this system is not limited to hospitals or health care facilities, but can also be used in offices, hotels, schools, shopping centres, sports facilities and airports.

Ultraviolet radiation is not visible to the human eye; its light spectrum is between 280 and 100 nanometers. The robot emits concentrated UV-C light while driving, which can effectively remove up to 99.99% of all airborne viruses and bacteria on the surfaces of a room. Ultraviolet radiation, unlike for example chemicals or ozone, is not only an environmentally friendly solution, but also non-toxic. This means there is no need to wait before entering the disinfected facility again.


Product family and meaning of the name “ZenZoe”

Die ZenZoe Produktfamilie zur automatischen oder manuellen Beseitigung von Keinem und Viren wie. z.B. Covid-19

The ZenZoe product family consists of the robot version (ZenZoe Robot) and comprises also three low-cost, manual models (ZenZoe Easy, Pro, Plus).

The name chosen for the range, ZenZoe Robot, pays homage to healthcare professionals and recognizes their fight against disease. The acronym “Zen” is the name of the Spanish nurse Isabel Zendal, who eradicated smallpox. “Zoe” stands for Zoe Rosinach Pedrol, the first female pharmacist in Spain.

ASTI InSystems

The rapid development of the disinfection robot is the result of the successful cooperation in the Spanish ASTI Mobile Robotics Group, to which Berlin-based InSystems Automation belongs since last October.

Desinfektionsroboter ZenZoe zur Beseitigung von Viren und Keimen mit UV-C Licht

The proANT 436, developed in Berlin-Adlershof, serves as the robot platform. It has already proven itself in many industrial applications and can safely interact with humans.

The robot is equipped with a quick-charging battery, which enables 24-hour operation. It also has a cloud based traceability function that records the results of the disinfection cycle in real time. In addition, intelligent applications are provided to improve deployment and disinfection efficiency.

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