Transport robots

Individual Transport Robots

InSystems Automation develops customer specific transport robots for loads from 30 to  1.000 kg and implements them as a fleet in the existing production control and manufacturing environment. Individual transport robots are suitable for special loads requirements and tasks, since they are designed to fit the customer need (loads, transfer heights, aisle width, transfer points, degree of automation, interfaces to production control, software ).

Some examples are:

  • Automatic material flow between warehouses,machines, work environment and dispatch, for example for KLT containers, tray barrels, coils
  • Ejection of modules and automatic transport for qualification control or rework stations
  • Tool and test device transport on conveyor bands or workplace

proANT Vehicles – existing Models and Fields of Application

The technical challenge of integrating the autonomous transport systems is given from the different conditions at the customer’s site. Not only the vehicles must be designed individually, because loads, transfer heights and the existing conveyor technology differs from company to company and even within the same production site. Even the vehicles communication with the manufacturing machines and the communication between the fleet control system and the existing manufacturing control must be fit with high precision in order to create orders, improve the production process and guarantee safety.

Designing individual transport robots is always a prototype development.  Technical features like additional handlings are often necessary during the transfer process. These handlings must be created, tested and optimized.

The load safety on the vehicle and the transfer must be tested, in order to guarantee the safety of people.

Hereinafter we show you a set of proANT transport robot models, which are already in use at our customers.

proANT 436 AGV for 50 kg with Height Adjustable Conveyor Technology

This transport robot for KLT containers can be used in different environments and transfer heights thanks to the lift.  The three different lifting devices allow various transfer systems, for example  passive roller conveyors or pick & drop stations.

Vehicle Profile proANT 436

Sector AGV for manufacturing and warehose logistic
Tasks Fully automatic transport of cartons and containers for order picking and internal logistic
Dimensions Lenght 737 mm, Width 622 mm
Loads Cartons, standard picking containers , small load carriers  600x 400 mm (also smaller cartons) until 50 kg
 Load Attachment Device 3 different types are available:

  1. active load control with conveyor belt
  2. passive system with loading skids
  3. active load control with skids and straps
Transfer Heights Adjustable between 410 and 740 mm

Examples of Use

Sector Task Fleet
Mechanics Motor transport 1
Electronic Transport of circuit boards 5
Pharmacy Transport of trays 13
Automotive supplier Transport of trays 5

proANT 490 AGV  for 200 kg

Vehicle Profile proANT 490

Sector AGV for manufacturing
Task Fully automatic supply for manufacturing machineswith empty magazines and removal of full magazines
Dimensions Length 1020 mm, Width 940 mm
Load different boxes, ground area 600 x 400 mm, sometimes stacked and trays with the same dimensions, maximal 200 kg
Load handling device Belt conveyor with floating support
Transfer height 457 mm

Examples of Use

Sector Task Fleet
Textile manufacturer Automatic transport of screen printing ink between the dye kitchen and the textile printing machines 4
Sanitary products Automatic delivery and disposal for plastic injection machines 2

proANT 431 AGV 50 kg

Vehicle Profile proANT 431

Sector AGV for warehouse logistic
Task Automatic transport of cartons and containers for order picking and internal logistic
Dimensions Diameter 800 mm
Load Cartons of different sizes and standard picking containers 400 x 600 mm until 50 kg
Load handling device Roller conveyor
Transfer Height adjustable- 525 to 610 mm

proANT 485 AGV 30 kg

Vehicle Profile proANT 485

Sector AGV for manufacturing (printing products)
Tasks Automatic supply  of machines with empty magazines and disposal of full magazines
Dimensions Length 643 mm, width 565 mm
Load Magazin until 30 kg
Load carrying device Belt conveyor
Transfer height 263 mm

Example of use

Sector Task Fleet 
Printing plant Magazine transport 9

proANT 390 AGV 200 kg

Vehicle Profile proANT 390

Sector AGV for manufacturing (Sanitary products)
Tasks Automatic supply for manufacturing machines with material from high-bay storage
Dimensions Length 1020 mm, width 940 mm
Load different boxes, teilweise gestapelt und Trays mit der gleichen Grundfläche, maximal 200 kg
LAM Riemenförderer, schwimmend gelagert
Übergabehöhe 650 mm

Example of Use

Sector Task Fleet
Sanitary products Transport of magazines and trays between high-bay storage and assembly machines for raw material supply and disposal of mounted pieces. 8

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