MP-Prestressed Steel

Sector: Concrete Production

Project Description

For a German track sleepers manufacturer,  InSystems Automation installed a measurement system for the incoming goods, which measures the tread depth of the delivered steel and saves the results in a database.

Customer Advantages

In the track sleepers production, round and profiled bars are used in order to tighten them in the form and embed them with concrete.
For every type of concrete there are different requirements for the steel. Faulty prestressed steels lead to prestressing loss, cracks and bending deformations in the concrete sleepers. The installed system checks if the tolerance is met, before the prestressing steel goes in the production and provides for a quality improvement and cost savings.

Description of the Measurement System

The measurement system is made of a compact, linear axis, on which a laser distance sensor is mounted, of a prisma rolling machine for inserting steel, and a PC with measurement and data storage software. The tread depth is measured with a resolution of 0,005 mm, the repeat accuracy of results  is +/- 0,005 mm.
During the measurement, a search operation is performed, which determines the three profile level. These levels result from the steel profiling by  three rollers. The three levels are measured during a measurement run and the recorded height profiles are shown on the PC. The software compares the measurement values with the provided tolerance for the selected steel and shows, whether the prestressed steel satisfies the requirements. All measurement data are saved in a database and are available for statistics and suppliers reviews.

User Interface of the Measurement and Data Collecting Software

The measurement and data collected software is installed on a PC and visualized over a graphic user interface. The software has following features:

  • Input of the measurement parameters (Type of steel, manufacturer and charge)
  • Start/ Stop of the measurement process, visualizing of the collected data
  • Display of the measured data
  • Data print or export as MS Excel Data
  • Setting of set points and tolerances of the profiles according to the type of steel

All  measurements are saved in a database:

  • Measurement number
  • Time stamp (Date and time)
  • Prestressed steel type
  • Charge
  • Maximal tread depth, minimal tread depth, average tread depth, calculated diameter (in all profile depths on the circumference of the embedded rollers)
  • Graphic presentation of measured data

Full description (PDF, German)


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