MP Track Sleepers

Automatic 3D Measurement of  Track Sleepers

Sector: Concrete Production

Project Description

InSystems Automation integrated measuring plants  in the production plant of a track sleeper producer, in order to verify the quality of the sleepers. The automatic 3D measurement system consists of a portal construction, which is mounted in the moulding station over the provided conveyor technology. Two laser profile sensors scan the two axis of the portal, which measure the surface of the sleepers. The visualizing software, which is installed on the plant puts these profiles together in a 3D picture. Two printer are installed on the plant, which print a serial number on the sleeper. They are used as an identification and quality control on the sleepers.

Customer Benefits

The produced sleeper are classified into three categories, according to the mounting rail and the fixing . In order to test and guarantee the quality of the sleepers, they must be measured. So far, the measurement could only be performed on a random basis, because it was carried out manually. The automatic 3D measurement allows a measurement of the track sleepers. If it turns out that a sleeper is out of order, the related metal form is taken out of the production, in order to avoid production losses. Since all measurements are tracked, the traceability of every sleeper is guaranteed.

Automatic Measurement

Since different type of sleepers are measured on the plant , the tracker type and serial number must be registered. The system gets the number either from the installed MES interface (Manufacturing Execution System), or the operator chooses it manually in the visualizing software. Before the 3D measurement starts, the sleeper position is looked for on the conveyor band. Only then the 3D measurement can be carried out on the middle axis of the sleeper. During the measurement, an exact 3D picture of the surface is created and the measurement results are calculated from these data. The measurement data of the sleepers are linked to the respective data on the metal form and saved in the installed data base according to their type, form number and datum.

Full Description (PDF, German)