MP-Bottle Control

Sector: Pharmacy

In the plant, up to 50 small bottles in DIN 18 format are filled and automatically closed. A labeler, an inkjet printer and two magazine robots are connected over a transport route. Five different processes are automatically recognized.

The bottles, which are made out of white or amber glass, get different plugs or screw caps, depending on the fillig with colored, transparent or opaque liquids, as well as lyophilized cake.

The bottle control distinguishes the different processes on its own and checks if the bottles are correctly filled and the screwing depth. Too much screwing depth or a missing lyophilized cake are checked by two laser light barriers. A capacitive sensor detects the filling of the liquid.

According to the process, the plant stops if the screwing is faulty, if the liquid is missing and starts again only when the missing bottle is taken out. All sensor are fail safe, by error or breakdown of a sensor the plant stops. The plant has a 100% quality control and was certified according to the GAMP 4 method.

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