MT- Eyeglass Manufacturing

Setup of an Order Buffer Solution  for an eyeglass Manufacturing

Sector: Optometry

InSystems Automation GmbH installed at the end of 2009 two automatic order buffers in an eyeglass manufacturing and integrated them in the existing conveyor technology, in order to optimize unintentional wave movements. Both order buffer were installed in the grinding shop. Order buffer 1 at the entrance of the grinding shop and order buffer 2 on the exit.

Order Buffer 1

When the order boxes arrive, they are sent automatically from main conveyor belt to the buffer in the grinding shop. In every stitch, the order boxes are stored in seven stacking modules. Orders are sorted into categories (silicate lenses, plastic lenses and  polycarbonate lenses). The outsourcing of the of the boxes takes place automatically after operator request via touch panel.

Order Buffer 2

The order boxes are set by the operators in the grinding shop on the leaving conveyor line  to the main conveyor line. In front of the buffer, the orders are read on the order boxes and sent to the an elevator. The elevator transports the order boxes on the conveyor belt to the storage shaft. At the end, they are stopped and automatically lifted in the elevator by a pneumatic gripper according to the assembly order. The elevator transports the order boxes and carries them to the main conveying path.

Buffering Scheme

The call of the order boxes does not happen automatically. The operator chooses the module of an order category that he wants to call on a touch panel. He is supported by an ergonomic visualizing, which shows him all modules, their filling level, the order category (glass type and capacity type), forward orders (blinking or colour-coded module in the visualizing) and buffer retention time. If several modules are full with boxes in the same order category, the operator gets a call according to the highest buffer retention time, in order to work according to the FIFO method.

Buffer Management Software (PVS)

The buffer management software is installed on a touch panel and controls and visualizes both buffers. It communicates with the Oracle database of the order management, to sort the necessary categories and deadlines in the order boxes. With the help of the buffer management, following functions are implemented.

  • Visualizing the status of the exit points
  • Filling status of the buffer for every module
  • Box request (Outsourcing buffer 1)
  • Change of the sort mode

Full description (German, PDF)