Jobs in Assembly, Programming an Testing von Washing Machine Panels

Sector: Household Appliances

6 of 18 work places consist of a programming station, wiring harness, assembly bench and test station. Washing machines and drier are manufactured.

The controllers are connected to the programming station and pins are pneumatically connected with the circuit board. After programming, the circuit board is set  with the switch elements in the plastic panel.
The operator sets the control panel in a pivoting support and tests it with a program. The test procedure is shown on a monitor. All data are saved in a central database.


Advantages for the customer:

  • Effectiveness thanks  automatic working bench concept
  • Automation even for small lot sizes
  • Flexibility as for models and lot sizes
  • Easily extendeable
  • Saving of the test results for quality management and product liability


Full Description (PDF, German)