Material Flow and Pick-to-light

Intelligent Pick-to-Light Assembly System for Fitting Systems

Sector: Fitting Industry

InSystems Automation GmbH built an assembly island with a material flow calculator and decentralized PLC controllers for a manufacturer of pieces for the hardware industry.

The goal of the assembly system is to facilitate manual assembly processes with an intelligent deployment architecture, a Pick-to-Light System and a visualizing of the assembly steps. At the same time, assembly steps and parameter for quality control are saved.

Project Description

Assembly islands consists of segment with parts supply, assembly and screwing station.

The stations are connected by a workpiece carrier transfer system to a “One-Piece-Flow” assembly line, in which three operators can work simultaneously on different components. The workpiece carriers are manually shifted to a roller conveyor and stopped at the stations with stoppers. At every station, the indicated workpiece carrier are checked and compared to the current working task. At the stop stations, the workpiece carriers are clamped manually or automatically, until all work steps are completed correctly. The boxes are ergonomically arranged, are load from the back of the assembly island according to the KANBAN method and controlled by the material flow controller.

For every assembly order, the parts list from the SAP system is translated in the equivalent picking and assembly order. The boxes arrangement is taken into account and the handling ranges are so optimized, that in the segments the operators work in the order from left to right. The operator pickes pieces, which are assembled at a later station, and takes them to the assembly station.

Advantages of the Assembly System

  • Great flexibility for many product variations for quality control thanks to Pick-to-Light and process data logger.
  • Efficient assembly, since the search times are reduced because of the optimized handling ranges.
  • Minimization of the changeover times, by simple replacement of the part containers and actualization of the container management. Further assembly procedures are taken into account by the intelligent material flow calculator.
  • , kann jederzeit an den Kundenanforderungen angepasst werden und ermöglicht, dass auch manuelle Fertigungen wettbewerbsfähig bleiben können.

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Pick-to-Light Montagesystem

Pick-to-Light Montagesystem