HR- Ballast Units

Hanging of Ballast Units in an automatic Watering System

Sector: Electronic

In order to feed a watering system, different types of ballast units should be automatically hung on hooks and automatically taken down after going through the system. The cycle time of 14 seconds for hanging and taking down of up to 12 units is given by the system. The hooks ( diameter 2,9mm ) hang on a rail and are driven through the system in fixed intervals. The ballats units have, depending on the type, eyelets  of 5,0 mm diameter at different positions.

For this customer-oriented solution, the use of an automatic linear-axis mould handling system  made it possible to cover all existing models (currently 60 different types) with only five moulds by evaluating different positions. Future models can be easily integrated in the system. In the projecting phase the customer got a solution, which allows the manufacturing of different variations of the same product.

The ballast units are taken by a conveyor to the handling system. A four axis linear system takes up to six ballast units using permanent magnets. A scissor system adjusts the right distance between the single units. The correct distance is given by the watering system. Laying the units in a mould allows a very exact positioning. The mould is now driven pneumatically in the right hang position to the hooks of the watering system and the ballast units are taken out of the moulds.

After the cooling process and going through the watering system, the ballast units are hung by a handling system. A servo drive hangs them out with a targeted movement synchronous and lays them on a conveyor belt.

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