Pallet Storage System with SAP Connection

Sector: Automotive Supply

For the incoming goods sector ( pallets with different semi-finished goods, sun shafts and gear wheel shafts for gearboxes, about 20 different models ) a new storage technology was needed, in order to record data of incoming shipments and store up to 190 pallets in a small room. When the system requests an intermediate product for further processing of the manufacturing process, a pallet should be made available on the production slot. Ready products should be automatically scanned, stored and automatically picked for the shipment according to the FIRSTIN-FIRSTOUT method.

A fully automatized in and output of the products was realized with a SAP system. The weight check of the unmixed pallets, the comparison with the data provided by the supplier and the QS module guarantee a high degree of quality control of the flow of the incoming goods. The automatic processes according to the FiFo method sinks the storage costs. This method for an intelligent storage system with full automatically in- and output of goods can be used in other sectors than automotive and regardless of the carrier system (pallet trays, cartons, boxes i.e.)

The pallet data (i.e. supplier, variety number, number of pieces, batch number, type number etc.) are transferred to a supervision SAP/ 3 system, after being recorded automatically with an omnidirectional bar-code scanner by a  via an RFC interface. In addition, a scale with high weighing accuracy checks and compares the number of pieces  100% . The pallets are stored on a heavy duty shelf by an electric carriage with integrated vertical conveyors. Wrong quantity and errors at delivery are checked by the quality control on a separate room and can be corrected by using a simple operating panel with touch screen and connection of a radio hand scanner.

The semi-finished products are stored and requested with the SAP system. The transport to the respective machining center can be realized by conveyor technology. When the product is finished, the data are recorded automatically via barcode and a material flow controller assigns them a free room in the high duty shelf. After a new, automatic check of the finished products in the goods carrier by weighing of the pallets, the data are delivered to SAP.

SAP picks order and prepares the  product shipment to the customer according to the  FiFo method, so that the pallets are automatically available. The truck driver requests the full shipment at loading ramp via operating buttons. The delivery note is created fully automatically.

Full description (PDF, German)