Conveyor System

Conveyor System for  Pharmaceuticals

Sector: Pharmacy

The system transports sterilization boxes with trays. Bottles are loaded on the trays, go through a sterilizer and are either unloaded or stored, depending on the chosen modus. In the empty boxes, the trays can be automatically refitted for other bottle sizes. The functions are realized by two S7-315-2DP  controllers. While the first controller manages the transport of the boxes and the controller data exchange via profibus, the second one is responsible for unloading, storing and refitting. Because of the space distribution of the plant, decentralized I/O modules are used. Working modus, bottle size and refitting pattern can be selected on panel OP17. Six controllers, which communicate via Profibus with each other, are available.

What we did: Programming of two S7-315-2DP controllers, programming of two OP17 panels, precommissioning of the plant in Switzerland, start-up in Berlin