C# Software Developer in the Industry

Software developer Tom studied Applied Computer Science at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg in Saxony, developed autonomous mining robots in the “Mining-Rox” project, before joining ASTI InSystems as a software developer last year. The programming of software, which will later be the basis of a machine, is what fascinates him most about his new tasks.

Last year, Tom started his new job as a software developer at ASTI InSystems. His tasks include software and application development, as well as software commissioning. Important skills that are essential are advanced knowledge in C#, .NET, as well as profound knowledge in GUI development WPF and C++. Currently he spends a lot of time in Eppelheim (Baden-Württemberg) at ADM Wild Europe. The company produces syrup for the food industry among other things. One of their best known products is the Capri Sun, which is very popular among children.

Currently working as a software developer for ADM Wild

Currently working as a software developer for ADM Wild

For ADM Wild, ASTI InSystems modernized the existing system for automatic picking and labeling of plastic canisters filled with beverage syrup. ASTI InSystems was already involved in the production of the system in 2004. The system is complex and consists of various components such as robots, grippers, film stretchers and conveyor technology. Over the years, ASTI InSystems has successively expanded the plant. Tom also has the task in Eppelheim to reprogram the material flow computer (MFR). The MFR allows to manage, control and visualize orders.

Tom’s tasks: Reprogram the material flow computer

The modernization became necessary because additional conveyor technology, a new stretcher and a robot for automatic labeling of the stretched pallets were added. For this reason the software of the MFR had to be updated. This should be developed with a more modern framework and should contain all functions of the old system as well as be able to control the new components. In addition, the system should be able to handle several orders simultaneously and report the picked pallets to the customer’s SAP system. Another customer request was to have a second application that allows the operator to control the MFR at two points of the plant and thus visualize all information about the plant.

Fascinated by robotics: How did Tom come to ASTI InSystems?

Before Tom started his professional life, he studied Applied Computer Science in Saxony after finishing high school in Brandenburg. He chose the TU Bergakademie Freiberg because of the good working conditions for students and the practical relevance to business. During his studies he could work as a student assistant in the project “Mining-Rox”. Here he developed autonomous robots for the mining industry. Also exciting was the research topic of his master thesis. In it he dealt with “Augmented Reality” and programmed concrete robot holograms that can be controlled with gestures.

At ASTI InSystems, the native Brandenburg native will soon have completed his project in Eppelheim. After that the next customer is already waiting for Tom’s programming skills. In the 10th grade computer science class he was proud, he remembers, to be able to program an address book with JAVA. Today, he uses his algorithms to control and steer large systems and transport robots in production.

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