The Abendschau reports about InSystems

The Abendschau, a news programme of the rbb, broadcasted a feature about Berlin Adlershof as a site for technology and science. Adlershof has developed as an ideal site for technology and science in recent years and has been growing rapidly. Now, the Abendschau decided to take a closer look at the Adlershof-phenomenon and get to know its local creators.

Abendschau introduces InSystems

By the end of 2016, 1041 enterprises and research facilities (2015: 1013) had taken residence in Adlershof in which 16778 people were employed (2015: 15943). “Science meets economy” is not just a slogan here, but simple reality. InSystems has been in Adlershof since 2002, when managing directors Torsten Gast and Henry Stubert set the business up together with a small team. Today, InSystems employs more than 50 people.

Last year, InSystems also opened its Showroom Industry 4.0 in the Rudower Chaussee 9. There, visitors can see the autonomously navigating transport robots in action. These vehicles have been manufactured by InSystems since 2012 under the name proANT and are individualised for each customer’s requirements. They are able to transport loads weighing anything from 30kg up to 1000kg. The vehicles navigate via laser scanner and calculate their route independently. As they do so, they communicate via encrypted WLAN and are safe to use around personnel. They navigate around obstacles and people, which minimises any risk in using them in cooperation with human workers.

Broad portfolio as general contractor

InSystems’ customers include organisations both small and large from industries such as automotive suppliers, the synthetic materials industry and furniture manufacturers. In the Abendschau’s interview, Henry Stubert says: “We began as a small startup and then grew to employ 55 people today.” Aside from going about its everyday business, InSystem also aims to initiate trends in other industries. In order to do so, the organisation developed autonomously navigating trash robots to be used in offices, shopping malls or museums.

Link to press release no. 07/2017

Link to Showroom Industry 4.0