Year 2012

December 2012Merry Christmas – Donation for Straßenkinder e.V.

2012 went by fast. In our review of the year, we can look back at many interessting projects and product developments. We appreciate all the great collaborations we had in 2012 and are looking forward to new challenges and assignments in the upcoming 12 months. We would like to wish all our business partners and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Like last year, we will not send out any Christmas gifts and instead donate to charity.
Once again, we choose to donate to the project called „Haus Bolle“ in Berlin’s Problem district Marzahn. The non-profit association Straßenkinder e.V. organises this project. Up to 150 children and teenagers are getting playfully assisted, educated and supplied with healthy food. In fact, the motley Haus Bolle in between a bunch of grey apartment buildings is a great alternative to get away from the problems of everyday life. Often, the single parents are jobless and strain to educate their children. They try to deal with their own problems first, so there is often not much time and money for the kids left. Educators at the project even report about domestic violence, harassment, robbery and illegal drugs.

The project is also supported by the radio station STAR FM.

You may find more information to Straßenkinder e.V. and Haus Bolle here.

November 2012Tinsor+ Tin Side Detector with Additional Function

The tin side detector automatically determines the tin side of float glass, which is of technical importance in many production processes. InSystems now advanced the Tinsor product. For cients who need to test different glass plates in a rapidly changing order, it is neccessary that Tinsor is able to save teach-configurations. Glass plates of various thickness or various coating, for example with or without barrier layers, result in very different measurements for the tin side, which must be teached (saved) for every type. Consequently, the teach feature has been developed further for our clients. Now, up to 7 different configurations may be saved. The matching glass type simply needs to be choosen via the SPS Software.The advanced device will get sold under the name Tinsor+.Tinsor Plus - Zinnseitendetektor
October 2012Strong Interest in new Pick2Light Sensor at Motek 2012

The from InSystems newly developed Pick2Light sensor, which has been presented at the Motek 2012 attracted the expected attention by the visitors. The new Pick2Light sensor is extremly small and space-saving, so it may even be build in racks with very small boxes. Data Sheet to the Pick2Light SensorNeuer Pick 2 Light Sensor auf der Motek
August 2012WaProTek Research Project on the Finish Line

“Investment Incentives by Versatile Production Systems” is the main interest of the reserach project in which InSystems is part of the development of a modular and flexible assembly System. The assignment regards the manual assembly of varying specifications. The assembly system is optimized in regards to its ergonomics, operating distance of individual parts and as much as possible complete allocation considering the various container principle (Kanban). In line with the alliance project we developed a solitaire-assembly-line in cooperation with the LP Montagetechnik GmbH. A detailed description of the assembly system can be found in the following WaProTek Info-Letter No 4.On 26th of November 2012 the essential findings of the WaProTek Project will be presented at the Festo Colloquium, FESTO AG & Co. KG, Ruiter Straße 82 in 73734 Esslingen. The program starts at 5pm.The closing event of the research project will be held on 13th of June 2013 at the Sartorius College in Göttingen(in cooperation with the VDI). There, the results of three years of research will be presented in lectures and exhibitions.
May 2012Strong Guys in InSystems Jersey

On sunday, the 6th of May the FRANKEN TIMBERWOLVES played their first homegame in their new jerseys sponsored by InSystems Automation Fürth. The FRANKEN TIMBERWOLVES are now playing in the Bavaria League for American Football in their second season. They are one of 43 clubs in Bavaria and one of 178 in Germany. Last Season, the team finished 4th in their league. Uwe Müller, the CEO of our distribution company in Fürth, is part of the Franken Timberwolves. He plays in the Defence Line as a Defence Tackle wearing number 94.
March 2012Presentation ADAM AGV-System

Currently, InSystems develops an AGV System which consists of seven seperate AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles). This automatic transport system will be delivered to our clients soon. There, it will manage the complex and complete material flow of a production area. The ADAMs are agile AGVs for weights up to 200 kg. They do not move on pre-defined routes, and they decide on routes they take on their own. The ADAMs communicate via WLAN and use the latest battery technology, which means short charging times without memory effect.

At this time, the ADAMs drive in a test area. We offer a live-presentation of this impressive development to selected clients and other interested parties and have organized a presentation date on the 20th of march. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail for an invitation.

March 2012RoboCup World Cup Qualifying Round

Every year hundreds of teenagers meet up to compete with their soccer robots against each others. The students build and program the robots on their own. One of the teams is named FRT (FIRST RoboCup Team). This team is supported by InSystems. It has competed in the Junior RoboCup for six years in a row. The RoboCup is the largest competition for soccer robots worldwide. Once more, the FRT is highly motivated to qualify for this year’s World Cup in Mexico.
The first qualifying round will take place in Berlin:Saturday, 03/10/2012, 10:00am to 06:00pm
Sunday, 03/11/2012, 10:00am to 03:00pm (including winner’s ceremony)at the Mosaikhalle Siemens AG, Rohrdamm 85, 13629 Berlin
Entry is free. A detailed schedule may be found here.The present team members are competing in their last season, due to age. Therefore new members are desperatly wanted!
February 2012Successful Manufacturing Ramp-Up Conn-Rod Measurement

In Cooperation with the companies Nieberding and Promess, we completly re-engineered and produced an existing and fully-automatic measurement machine for conn-rod and combustion engines. This leads to higher availability and steadiness. InSystems Automation constructed and built a buffer-storage for 50 conn-rods. Furthermore, we programmed the entire activity-cycle of the machine on KUKA and S7 SPS and in addition to that, we managed the start-up of the construction line. Nieberding and Promess took care of the measuring devices and instruments, as well as the start-up of those.
January 2012New TINSOR website is online

The Tin Surface Detector for float glass is now presented in detail at and The TINSOR is used to automatically identify the tin side of a float glass. It is either mounted above or below the transport device, on which the float glass is provided. In fact, the TINSOR can be automatically integrated into production and manufacturing processes. The new website provides current news and a detailed product description, as well as data-sheets and manuals. Everything may be downloaded directly.